Tuesday, November 01, 2011

South Carolina Sheriff Redefines "Gun Control"

Sheriff Chuck Wright, of Spartenburg, South Carolina:

Wright said in his view, gun control is, "How fast can you can get the barrel of your gun back on the target?"

The Sheriff was in a sour mood, and deservedly so, as a career criminal almost got away with a horrific rape:

Investigators said 46-year-old Walter Lance grabbed a woman who was walking her dog in Milliken Park on Sunday afternoon. They said Lance choked the woman, made her take off her clothing and tried to rape her.

Wright said Lance had been charged numerous times with crimes again women, and other crimes such as resisting arrest and escape. Wright said Lance had been on probation for a federal gun charge.
He referred to Lance repeatedly as an "animal," and expressed his disgust about Lance's long record and the attack.
Wright said Lance has had more than 20 charges dating back to 1983.

So how do you stop the beneficiaries of our revolving-door criminal justice system? Sheriff Wright makes it clear:

Sheriff Chuck Wright opened his news conference by saying, "Our form of justice is not making it."
He said, "Carry a concealed weapon. That'll fix it."

Wright said,"Liberals call me and tell me the chain-gang form of justice isn't working. Well, let me inform you, your form of justice isn't working either."
He said Lance should not have had the right or opportunity to "violate a good, upstanding woman."

Wright said, "It's too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn't walk by. That would fix it." He said people are tired of doing the right thing and criminals getting away with their actions.
He said several times, "I want you to get a concealed weapons permit."

Wright said, "I'm tired of looking at victims saying, 'There's life after this' … I'm tired of saying, 'We're sorry, we can't keep them in jail.'"

So I hear we have an election in 2012. Who do you want running the country - the folks who give scumbags like Walter Lance multiple opportunities to commit multiple rapes, or people like Sheriff Wright, who realize the police cannot be everywhere all the time, and when they're not, wants every citizen to be capable of defending themselves?

You would think it would be a no-brainer. But just ask Obama voters whose side their on, and the first thing they'll do - if not actually defending Walter Lance - will be to smear the good name of Sheriff Wright. Hey, I heard he takes a penny more than he leaves a penny!

Not sure if Wright has to run an election campaign or not for his office, but if so, I'll be sending a check his way...


Anonymous said...

Thank you sheriff Wright

Anonymous said...

Sure wish I knew where the rest of our Upstate sheriffs were. I would have absolutely expected Anderson, Pickens, Oconee, Greenwood, Laurens, Abbeville, and my own Greenville county to follow suit with Spartanburg and Union counties, but it seems they are nowhere to be found. Really?? How shameful is that!!

Anonymous said...

I currently live in Maryland, the "fee" state, that is so liberal and anti-Constitution that there will likely come a time that I will have to leave the state. I have researched several states and their stand on the Constitution, 2nd Amendment rights, etc. and I may well make my move to South Caroline, specifically Spartanburg County. It's good to know that Sheriff Wright is on my side!

Robert T. Phillips said...

Thank you sheriff Wright