Tuesday, November 08, 2011

"OWS" Racists Taunt, Mock Black Security Guard

Yeah, just like the Tea Party did.

From the comments:

I bet that girl in the red shirt hasn't showered, brushed her teeth or shaved her armpits in about two weeks.

...Funny how the language of racist hatred comes so easy to the 99%.

#OWS are a bunch of animals. If the4 Republicans aren't gutless cowards, they'll remind the voters which Democratic politicians stood up and supported these brain-dead, hate-filled thugs...


Anonymous said...

I don't understand how this is mocking or racist? The protestors are clearly of mixed ethnicities and the only mention of race is when the guard is accused of defending whites. He clearly isn't a brother of the 99%.

The JerseyNut said...

"Wake up nigger"?
"Your slave ass"?

"All those fat, rich white people - you love protecting them, I'm sure"
"Brother? Brother" Your no one's brother!"

I don't understand how this is not mocking and racist. What - because the first two quotes were said to a black person by a black person, they're OK?

Silly me - and here I thought that maybe a hard-working, obviously quite patient man might resent being called a "nigger"...

Lucky he has a liberal like you around, to let him know when he is and isn't being insulted...