Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Which I Finally Realize Why Jon Huntsman Is Still Around....

Why is this guy, with no natural constituency whatsoever, even in the race?  Why is he invited to the debates, when his polling is at/around 1%?  Why does he continue to get media coverage, when he...

Ah.  It's really about the media.  And what is the media?  Liberal, hard-core.  And what is Jon Huntsman?  Also a  liberal, hard-core.  And the media, seeing the coming implosion of Barack Obama, is trying desperately to dress up another wolf in sheep's clothing, and this time is participating in Huntsman's fraud of a campaign in order to fill Baracky's shoes with an ideological doppelganger under the Republican banner.

Hey, it worked the first time - they got a hard-core Marxist elected by disguising him as a "moderate".  Why not try it again?

But Huntsman gave it away at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire:

"We are working this state like no one else," the former Utah governor told several dozen New Hampshire voters gathered in the Portsmouth Elks Lodge Tuesday night. "I don't care what the rest of the country thinks or feels; that's not important. I do care about what the people of New Hampshire feel."

Insult the nation while kowtowing to those immediately before you - gee, what president does that sound like?

He tried to backtrack, but only dug himself in deeper:

"Of course I care what people think in the rest of the country. Specific to the poll numbers is what I was referring to," he said.

So all you care about is how you are polling in early primary states? So us folks in New Jersey can go f*ck ourselves until you need us? Hardly an inspiring pitch, but one fairly typical of a liberal, who takes care of their core constituency (with other people's money) and lies just enough to the rest of a gullible electorate to earn election.

More honesty out of New Hanmpshire, this time from a voter:

"If he wants to break out of this pack, he's got to get the independent, progressive Republicans to support him," said Jameson French, a Portsmouth resident who attended the town hall and hasn't yet committed to a candidate. "He's got a chance, I think, to win that vote."

Can someone tell me exactly what the f*ck a "Progressive Republican" is? Oh, wait, I know - they're called "liberals".  Frenchy is right - if he does get the liberal vote, Huntsman will break out fo the Republican pack, and move all the way past such luminaries as Buddy Roemer and Vern Wuensche.  So why aren't they included in the debates?

Don't ask the media, they'll start to sweat...

More proof of the Hunstman-as-closet-liberal:

“The Jon Huntsman I know supported Barack Obama and President Obama’s recovery act, but said it should have been larger,” said Wayne Holland, chairman of the Utah Democratic Party, on a recent conference call with reporters.

The Jon Huntsman I know worked with Democrats to pass the cap-and-trade program and said at the time it was the only alternative to a carbon tax. The Jon Huntsman I know signed into law a health insure exchange and proposed an individual mandate for Utah. It now appears that has all changed.”

More insulting of the electorate here..  And there is this beauty from Hunstman as well:

On the campaign trail, Huntsman often dwells on how America is viewed from abroad. “From 10,000 miles away, folks, let me just tell you that we lack humanity, we lack civility, we lack basic respect for which this country should be known,” Huntsman told one crowd.

More on Huntsman:

“Huntsman is a liberal’s idea of what a Republican ought to be..."


Huntsman doesn’t represents any particular Republican faction. Rather, he represents a point in time — late 2008 through spring 2009 — when a lot of ”smart” people in the GOP seemed to believe that the Obama ascendancy was more or less permanent. The way to succeed as a Republican in the Obama era, these people believed, was to cooperate in the patriotic spirit of Bipartisan Compromise.


LibertyAtStake said...

"Progressive Republican" 2012 is about the same as "Conservative Democrat" was in 1972. That is, it will soon be an extinct animal. Because conservatives are stepping up to the plate and taking over the Republican Party. We're transforming the party of Slightly Less Big Government into the Party of Liberty, as a reaction to the New Left 60's radicals turning the Democrat party from the Party of Slightly More Big Government into the Communist Party USA. We're winning.

Anonymous said...

Notice how the media is picking off the republican front-runners one by one. I even had the thought this morning that maybe they plan to end up with Huntsman after they knock off everybody else. We have to be very aware of their tactics and not allow them to choose our candidate. Only thing is, they are very successful. They just deep sixed Cain. They kept it up until they saw him start to slip in the polls. Next will be Gingrich. I laugh at how they keep calling Romney the front-runner, no matter if he's third or fourth down the list. Mind Games. Manipulation.