Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Old Bridge, New Jersey: A Clean Sweep For the Republicans!

Facism fails in Old Bridge - Read it and weep, you tax-hiking, brownshirted bullies :

Old Bridge
Mayor One 4-Year Term
Patrick M. Gillespie (D)* 4,505
x Owen Henry (R) 5,057

Old Bridge
Council-At-Large Three 4-Year Terms
Edward Testino (D)* 4,160
John F. Gillick (D) 4,121
Kelly Ellis-Foster (D) 4,104
x Brian J. Cahill (R)* 5,232
x Eleanor "Debbie" Walker (R) 5,035
x James H. Anderson (R) 4,955

Every single key Township Democrat tossed out of their office, on their ass.

I love my little town in Jersey...

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