Saturday, November 19, 2011

Balls Banned In Toronto?

Well, God forbid someone should get smacked between the eyes with one. A bit of typical educational/liberal over-reaction in this Toronto school district, and the kids are revolting, Wall-style:

When the lunch bell rang, students spilled out of Earl Beatty Public School, kicking up dirt as they skipped and trudged merrily across the schoolyard.

In track pants and sneakers, with ponytails swinging and juice boxes in hand, they didn’t exactly look like a revolt waiting to happen. Until they stormed the playground fence.

“We want our balls back! We want our balls back!” the students chanted, pumping their fists as supervisors in fluorescent vests blew whistles and tried to shoo them away from the fence and reporters gathered on the other side.

The group, about 100 strong, kept it up all through the Wednesday lunch break,
some taking refuge from their shushing caretakers at the top of the jungle gym.

“You can take our balls,” one boy shouted, “but you can’t take our freedom!”
A tad dramatic, perhaps, but for students at the Danforth-area junior and senior school, this is serious stuff.

The trouble began Monday when students were sent home with a letter advising parents that hard balls would no longer be allowed in the schoolyard. That means no soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs or tennis balls.

The letter cited “a few serious incidents” in which students, staff and parents have been struck or nearly hit by flying balls. One parent suffered a concussion after she was hit in the back of the head with a soccer ball — an accident, students say.

New rules allow for only Nerf or sponge balls in the schoolyard...

Liberals - again, especially those on the educational teet - seem to have no capacity for nuance whatsoever. How about a safety seminar in gym class instead of a draconian ban on a child's toy used for thousands of years? What, did the union not approve?

Support the kids of Canada. Allow them to play with their balls. Otherwise, we'll be that much closer to allowing the Left to realize one part of their social re-arrangement:  Dividing men into two - and only two - categories:  Either fops, or dandies...

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