Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Desperate Obamas Try To Woo The South With A Country Bear Jamboree...

Dimly realizing it will take more than New York, California, and Oregon to retain the White House, and with panic setting in as the Obama clan realizes they might get tossed off their government gravy train, the White House seems to be making at outreach to Americans outside of their inner ideological circle.

So far, the results have been mixed.  At best.  Michelle Obama and Jill Biden were sent off to the Homestead-Miami race track, for which they expected the rubes to wildly applaud them for giving the order the "start your engines".  Instead, it was the signal for a cascade of boos.  Kinda of like bringing flowers to a wronged paramour, and having them tossed back in your face, thorns-first.  And not undeserved.

But the White House moves on, and yesterday took a break from their usual musical diet of R&B and rap to host a hosts country music jamboree. Bizarrely, they invited kids from a Washington DC school, a group least likely to appreciate country music stylings. Were they hoping for a revenge booing?

Again, it seems as if the disrespect was limited to Moochelle:

A group of girls were turned around asking photographers in hushed whispers whether they should stand and clap when the first lady entered. Some students were slouching down in their chairs while classmates playfully shushed and slapped at each other...

It all seems so weak, and obvious.  "We love those rubes!  Look - we went to a NASCAR event!  And let Darius Rucker play at the White House!  It's the Republicans that listen to chamber music, and light their cigars with $100 bills dipped in the blood of the unemployed..."

But the one thing the Obama's won't do is talk to the South - or the West - about economic policy.  They know it's loser.  So they go for optics, figuring the media will play into it.  And they will.  But the boos of the South cannot be turned into huzzahs based on the say-so of the New York Times.  And all the dog and pony shows won't convince anyone outside of the blue states to go all-in for an Obama redux.

Despite what Michelle and Barack believe, they're not that stupid.  The special breed of ignorance that it takes to pull a lever for these two socialists is limited to liberals...

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