Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Jews & "Occupy Wall Street": Just Digging Their Own Graves...

Is it that important to the American Jew to be seem first and foremost as a liberal that he would join forces with those who wish to destroy him?

Short answer: Yes.

You cannot claim ignorance, not with the preponderance of evidence, not when they march on the Israeli consulate in Boston in an attempt to shut it down.

American Jews are Jews second, liberal first.  And they prove it every time they support people like Barack Obama, or join movements such as #OWS.

Johnathan Tobin has a warning:

The outrage in Boston also ought to remind liberal Jews who might otherwise be inclined to sympathize with OWS that the far left in this country is a cesspool of anti-Zionism. Liberals who make common cause with OWS are making a deal with an anti-Semitic and radical devil.

Will history repeat itself? Matthew Ackerman reminds us of the fate of Solomon Mikhoels:

Mikhoels actively supported Stalin against Adolf Hitler, and in 1942, he was made chairman of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee. In this capacity, he travelled around the world, meeting with Jewish communities to encourage them to support the Soviet Union in its war against Nazi Germany.

While this was useful to Stalin during World War II, after the war, Stalin opposed contacts between Soviet Jews and Jewish communities in non-Communist countries, which he deemed as "bourgeoisie". The Jewish State Theater was closed and the members of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee were arrested – all except for two were eventually executed in the purges shortly before Stalin's death.

Mikhoels was the most visible of the intellectual Jewish leadership, and a show trial would have cast aspersions on Stalin's rule. Thus in January 1948, he was assassinated on Stalin's personal orders in Minsk. His death was disguised as a hit-and-run car accident....Mikhoels was bludgeoned to death along with his non-Jewish colleague Golubov-Potapov and their bodies were dumped on a road-side in Minsk and run over by a truck.

Good liberal, dead Jew

Ackerman begs his fellow Jews to remember...

...Jews who cast their lot with the villainizers of capitalism only to find themselves ultimately cast as the villains.

All of this should be so well-understood by now that it doesn’t require repetition. Unfortunately, many Jews still seem driven by the conviction that radical politics will somehow, this time, provide them and the world the salvation it always promises but never delivers. It’s no small thing then that we ask they at least do us the favor of not wearing their kippot like badges of honor as they walk once again down that ruinous path.

Let's see if the Jews are as smart as we think we are.

But being oft surrounded by them, I despair...

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