Friday, November 04, 2011

Old Bridge, New Jersey: Democratic Operative Arrested Outside Republican Headquarters

Scratch a liberal, find a fascist thug.  It doesn't matter whether it's on the national level or down in Dirty Jersey...

Obama looks like toast in 2012, so he's getting his armies of losers to "Occupy" various cities around the nation.  Here in Old Bridge, the tax-raising union whores known as the local Democratic party are about to get their clocks cleaned in the local elections, so they've sent their lackeys to vandalize the local Republican party headquarters.

But that wasn't enough, so they sent some more "men" out at around 2AM this morning, to do God-knows-what.  But this time the offices were occupied, and our brave Democratic operative was forced to skulk around the bushes.  Until he was confronted.  Via Frank Pallone: Not For New Jersey, we get video of the ugly incident that ensues.  Note the nice language our liberal friend uses towards women.  Note the hatred in his voice. Note the snarl on his face.  It is the face of the Democratic party in 2011:

Equally offensive might be the Old Bridge police officer's demand that the Republican officials stop recording.  Recording police interaction is not a crime.  But the threatening tone of the OBPD officer might be.
To be honest, I am surprised they even showed up.  Who are they loyal to, after all:  The citizenry, and their right to a free and open democratic process?  Or to the Democratic party, and the pension deal they just passed - one that benefits police officers tremendously (cutting service time for pensions from 25 to 15 years), but will cause local taxes to spiral out of control?

I wrote this after the original act of vandalism:

If I were the Old Bridge Township police, I would begin my questioning with some of the more politically aware and active municipal employees of the Township. Of course, being that the OBPD is based in the same building as the aforementioned Council, and it is filled with the aforementioned municipal employees, how much effort do you think the Old Bridge Police will put into finding the culprit? Especially since a Republican victory may actual curtail their immortal benefits that they too can receive after 15 years of small-town police work?

Was this man even actually arrested by the OBPD, or just taken away from the scene? Will the OBPD do its duty and give the Republican party the round-the-clock protection they need from leftist thugs, or will they continue to show up after the damage is done, and bark at the victims?

Gotta get these thugs out this Tuesday. Literally, our lives might depend on it...

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