Friday, April 07, 2006

Utterly, Amazingly Clueless...

Raging liberal Richard Cohen shows his inability to learn basic lessons (an infirmity that seems to have stricken the entire Democratic party) in his short column in today's Washington Post. He pleads that the life of Zacarias Moussaoui be spared, but only to set some type of example:

...while the American sense of justice might be satisfied, that is not how many other people will see it. Instead, they might marvel at how much effort had gone into the killing of a single man...The process is almost a parody of justice -- a laborious procedure to carry out what most of us recognize is nothing more than revenge. Call it justice if you will, we all know what it really is.

Cohen is just another self-declared "multiculturalist" who claims the power to see the world through the eyes of others; too bad he can only view it through a distorted liberal prism. Note his mocking of our justice system - the "effort" he sneers at is nothing more than the labour-intensive process of making sure, to the best of our abilities, innocent men are not convicted. Revenge, he calls it? Sometimes we can never exact true justice; the dead of 9/11 cannot be brought back to life. So punishment will be handed out. But Cohen seems to claim that punishment of a terrorist equals revenge. Is he saying that we offer softer justice to those whom vow our destruction? His fear of creating martyrs is laughable; how many candle-holding Iraqis do you see at the spider-hole?

Of course, I would not seek his death in any case. I am opposed to capital punishment -- not for Moussaoui's sake or for another guy's, but for our own. The taking of life is something we should not permit government to do. In the first place, life is inviolate. Second, governments have abused this power in the past and will do so in the future. It is no accident that Europe bans the death penalty. Under Hitler, Stalin and others, Europeans learned what government can do.

Life is inviolate, except when it comes to sucking the brains out of a fetus, right? And referrring to Europe as a basis for morality is laughable. Look at the current state of that miserable continent; why would we want to emulate anything they do? But all liberals are Euro-philes; the thought of socialistic economies, bureaucratic leadership, and endless regulations gives them a thrill that is almost sexual in nature. But they can't see the forest for the trees - France burns, Denmarks cringes, Spain surrenders, Britain slips into a Orwellian hell...

Societies have their own, peculiar, reasons for taking life. Afghanistan was about to execute a man for converting from Islam to Christianity. To many Afghans, this seemed inarguably to be the right thing to do. In Iraq, Awad Haman Bander, a former judge under Saddam Hussein, confessed to sentencing 148 Shiites to death at one time. It was all legal, he said, with the proper papers being signed and confessions in order.

So the United States is on par, morally, with Islamists and Saddamites. In between Cohen's lines, Americans are on par with fundamentalist Islamists and murderous dictators. By equvilating us with these types of animals, he brings us down to their level, and raises our enemies to a higher plane. Ladies and Gentlemen - Mr. Richard Cohen - a progressive, a lover of humanity!

Now here is the final display of this man's, and his political philosophy's, utter and complete failing:

It is naive, I know, but it would be wonderful if the United States showed that as a matter of principle, it does not take a life. It is naive because other governments would not follow -- not right away, anyway. But in time, anything is possible and just as we, bit by bit, have restricted the death penalty so that it is rarely imposed, so may the rest of the world restrain its blood thirst.
...With a lot of money and immense effort, we will give some of the world another martyr -- and Osama bin Laden can finally close the book on his most successful mission.

This is the policy followed by Bill Clinton. He tried to show the world he would respond to terrorism with "laborous justice", in the hopes that the world would see our system as peaceful; and would then cease attacking us, and emulate us instead.

He assumed the rest of the world would restrain its blood thirst.

He was wrong - and thousands upon thousands have paid with their lives for his policy blunders.

Cohen wants us to repeat these mistakes - is he honestly unable to see that they have failed in the past, or does he loathe his nation so much that he urges the path of failure with malicious intent? Either way he proposes the path that has led us to destruction oh-so-recently, with no reflection on its previous failures.
He ends with a lie, equating Moussaoui's execution with a bin Ladin victory. Simply untrue, the same way all liberals have told us that killing terrorists will only create new ones. Yeah, and that why under Bush's policies, we have been attacked how many times?

That is the difference. Cohen, ever the progressive, want to revert back to policies that have been disasterous in the past. Is his hatred of Bush (or his country) so strong that he would re-impose doctrines that led to the death of so many innocent Americans?

This is liberalism in America today. A twisted philosophy, only serving our enemies, and working only towards our defeat.

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The probligo said...

You want to give him his martyr's reward of 72 virgins?

I would have thought the greatest punishment would be keeping him alive, in prison, a disgrace to Islam, a failure of all that they stand for...