Saturday, April 08, 2006

About Those Lies We Told You...

A few months later, the New York Times finally gets around to admitting it was reprinting racist lies perpetuated by its left-wing reporters:

An article on Feb. 9 about the military's recruitment of Hispanics referred incompletely to the belief of some critics that Hispanics in the Iraq war and blacks in the Vietnam War accounted for a disproportionate number of casualties. Statistics do not support the belief. Hispanics, who are about 14 percent of the population, accounted for about 11 percent of the military deaths in Iraq through Dec. 3, 2005. About 12.5 percent of the military dead in Vietnam were African-Americans, who made up about 13.5 percent of the general population during the war years.”

A little light, considering the inflammatory story that was being "corrected" - here's part of what Lizette Alvarez wrote back on February 9th:

Critics also say that Latinos often wind up as cannon fodder on the casualty-prone front lines. African-Americans saw the same thing happen during the 1970's and 1980's, an accusation that still reverberates. Hispanics make up only 4.7 percent of the military's officer corps.”

Maybe, instead of this showing up in the discreet "For The Record" column, it should have been placed closer to page one?

Yeah, you're right...unlikely!

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Anonymous said...

What a web of lies the NYT spreads, all in favor of the left. Even their cries of a "right wing suppression" of free speech is simply propoganda and misdirection