Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Report from Brussels

On Saturday, we reported on the brutal murder of young Joe Van Holsbeeck on a crowded Brussels train platform, allegedly by "North African youths". Turns out that the perpetrators were actually Polish immigrants; one of whom was captured, the other still remains at large.

Although some have glorified in calling me a racist, I will quickly point out that I did not assume they were Muslims; that fact was actually put out by the
Belgian authorities:

On 13 April, one day after the murder of 17 year old Joe Van Holsbeeck, the office of the public prosecutor issued a statement saying the murderers were two “North African youths.”

Since their is quite a difference in appearance between North Africans and Eastern Europeans, I am at a loss to explain how the prosecuter made such a statement. And since this murder happened at a crowded train station; how was it that the physical description of the killers was so far off? I cannot even begin to figure that one out...

Nevertheless, the bulk of my post did not focus on the Muslim aspect of the murder; it was more based on the utter degredation that European society is undergoing, and how hamstrung police officers have become in a PC-ruled society. Certain ugly facts remain intact-

-no one on the train platform lifted a finger to help Joe or detain his murderers
-after the slaying, the police were questioning the victim's actions:
"Immediately after the assassination the police inquired whether Joe had made any “racist remarks” whilst been mugged... "

-and finally, Joe's parents did not bury him in accordance with his religious traditions because they feared being accused of "excluding" immigrants.

And it gets uglier - the Chief Justice of this warped nation absolves the state and blames the citizenry for not helping out -

"The police cannot be present everywhere. Security is a collective responsibility. As citizens we are all partially responsible for the security of other citizens.”

Watch that word "collective", gentlemen - you are giving the game away!
And if security is indeed a "collective" pursuit; why not allow law-abiding Belgians them to arm themselves? Again, from Saturday's post:

It is illegal to carry arms in Belgium, where even a pepper spray is considered to be an illegal weapon....Governor Denys retorted: “I am the Governor of East Flanders, not of Texas. […] I do not want to live in such a society [where citizens are allowed to possess arms].”

And a quick retort from the Brussels Journal:

In a country where it is illegal to bear arms, including protective ‘arms’ such as a pepperspray, people wonder how they should protect themselves and others against armed criminals if the state, which now acknowledges that it cannot be present everywhere [not even in Brussels Central Station during rush hour], abandons them and tells them that the security of fellow citizens is their responsibility.

And what is the effect of the "mistaken identity" issue on the dialogue?

...the announcement that Joe Van Holsbeeck’s murderers are not North African but Polish immigrants has led to reproaches of racism against everyone (including this website) who during these past days has warned about the problem posed by violent gangs of youths of a particular ethnicity. While until yesterday it looked as if a taboo would finally be addressed, it is now far more likely that the taboo will be suppressed and the situation will fester on.

That taboo will continued to be addressed here. Although my use of the alleged Muslim identity of the aggressors and the use of the word "dhimmi" was not appropriate in this case; I'd reckon that it will apply somewhere in Europe in the next, oh, I don't know, fifteen minutes?

The most important lesson for America is that the multicultural model of Europe is a complete failure. Assimilation, not the differentation between races and religions, is what keeps the fabric of society unrendered. The liberal race-baiters and oppression artists are trying to lead us off the cliff that Europe is currently tumbling over.

Remember Joe Van Holsbeeck!


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