Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gaza: Al-Qaeda's Playground?

So Israel had to go and give them a state, even if it was by default. Well, I guess with all of those pesky Jews out of the Gaza Strip, it evolved into a Muslim Paradise by the Sea, right? Hmmm... from the TimesUK, we get a little vision what happens when a terrorist group like Hamas gets its own little fiefdom:

Palestinian security officials claim to have growing evidence that Osama Bin Laden’s terror network, which has hitherto shown little interest in Gaza and the West Bank, is recruiting among the angry young men who see little beyond a future of attacking Israel.

The organisation has been helped by the lawlessness that has engulfed the Palestinian territories since Hamas emerged as the surprise winner of parliamentary elections on January 25 and formed a government...

Analysts believe that, as its fortunes wane in Iraq, Al-Qaeda thinks some form of coup in Gaza or the West Bank could help it increase support across the Middle East, where the fate of the Palestinians is a symbol of the wider Arab cause.
....The lack of direction from the top was a cause of black humour at Gaza’s central police station last week, where they joked that the only word they had heard from Said al-Siyam, the new interior minister, was that they should grow beards

It is almost impossible to underestimate the extent of the lawlessness that now reigns...

So Hamas proves to be incapable of anything besides the wanton slaughter of innocents. Presto! In steps al-Qaeda, who besides being skilled in slaughtering civilians, has some experience (see: Afghanistan; Taliban control of ) in keeping a Muslim nation's subjects (not citizens) viciously in line as well.

No need for a coup...just think of what a great team they'll make! When do you think the EU will start sending financial aid to the new "Palestinian Coalition Government" ?

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