Thursday, April 27, 2006

"Immigration Rallies Backfiring"... the name of the link on the MSN homepage; although once clicked, the title is Minutemen Gain Mainstream Appeal. Shocking to see anything less than negative by a MSM outlet on the Minutemen; this is actually an evenhanded approach:

Minuteman organizers say this spring’s marches have proved to be an unexpected recruitment tool for Americans who feel uneasy about the burgeoning immigration movement but may have considered the organization a pack of gun-toting vigilantes.

"We’re not trying to be more mainstream — mainstream has found us,” said Stephen Eichler, the group’s executive director. “They’re saying, ’These guys actually have teeth, they don’t all chew tobacco, they don’t all have a gun rack in the back of their truck.’ They’re saying, ‘They believe what I believe,’ and they’re joining us"

The Minuteman Project first gained attention last year when Orange County resident and former tax accountant Jim Gilchrist helped lead its first 30-day patrol of the border in Arizona. The group has added mainstream political tools, including a network of local chapters and e-mail lobbying campaigns.
In December, Gilchrist, a former Republican, ran as a third-party candidate in a special House election in Orange County, Calif., finished a respectable third with 25 percent of the vote.
Since this spring’s huge pro-immigrant rallies, 300 people nationwide have applied to start local chapters, according to Eichler. The group’s goal is 500 chapters by December and a membership of 1 million within 1 1/2 years, Eichler said.
Eichler claimed the organization’s membership has climbed to more than 200,000.

That number seems a bit high; nevertheless, here is a grassroots organization that has quickly gained a mainstream following, despite the media's desperate attempts to paint them as red-state radicals.

Minutemen movement will be a force to reckon with in the 2006 Congressional elections; will the Republicans get back to the "right" on this issue, or will they be cowed by editorial writers and leftist Democrats (like my miserable Senator, Menendez (D-NJ), a Corzine appointee and fully in his pocket) who claim "inaliable rights" for people who are, by definition, criminals?
Let's do this right: Seal the borders, allow for a certain amount of immigration; and allow those presently here to become citizens if they learn the language, pay taxes, and keep their noses clean...

And let me take this opportunity to run some of my
favorite photos- these are observers, sent by the ACLU to watch the Minutemen, lest they infringe upon the "rights" of illegal aliens...note what activity these upstanding liberals are engaged in:

What about a person's right not to get sick or intoxicated from the ACLU's secondhand marijuana smoke? Classic liberal disregard for laws they don't like...but of course, it is OK to harass the Minutemen when they haven't even committed a crime...

The ACLU's time, as well as that of Senator Menendez, may be coming to a close. The Minutemen represent a frustration in America with politicians unable to handle the most basic job of government - national security- without resorting to partisan squabbles, politicking, and vain posturing. The ones who figure out how to make this work are the ones whom will win come this November.

President Bush - if you do not have the guts to lead on this issue, than kindly keep quiet, step aside, and let your Congressional members of Congress get the job done for us...

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