Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Jon Corzine's Attorney General Fights FOR Criminals !

New Jersey sinks deeper into the swamp; with Governor Corzine's leftist deputies dragging us down...first, a little backround on his hand-picked appointment to Attorney General; slammed thru a Democratic-controlled State Senate:

Zulima Farber became attorney general following a 25-10 vote, while the Senate unanimously approved Susan Bass Levin as Department of Community Affairs commissioner.

Sen. Gerald Cardinale, R-Bergen, wanted more hearings on Farber's role representing the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in a lawsuit and other issues. He criticized Farber for objecting to using deadly force to protect one's home and mandatory sentencing. He also ripped Farber's response to her driving record — which includes 13 speeding tickets, three license suspensions and a bench warrant for failing to pay a fine.

Farber apologized to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week for her embarrassing driving record, which she said probably "requires psychoanalysis" to explain. She at one point thanked Corzine "for giving me a job with a driver."

So what happens when you give the state's highest law office to someone with who was actually a wanted women, with more than a dozen speeding tickets, multiple license suspensions, and a penchant for seeing the criminals as victims? This:

New Jersey Attorney General Zulima Farber participated in an illegal immigrant protest rally in Newark’s Lincoln Park yesterday afternoon. Addressing the crowd in Spanish and in English she said:
"All people have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, to live in safe, clean and affordable housing and to walk down the street without being afraid, Farber said. "I understand your struggle...".

Enlighten New Jersey follows with commentary:

Farber, as Jersey’s top law enforcement officer, is supposed to enforce the law and protect citizens and legal residents from law breakers. Clearly the Attorney General does not understand the struggle and the challenge of being a taxpayer in New Jersey, preferring to aid and abet illegal behavior than to prosecute it.

New Jersey’s 300,000+ illegal aliens cost state taxpayers a minimum of $300 million to $400 million per year for public services. Taxpayers have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Instead, we are treated with derision and contempt. How many laws must an illegal immigrant break before Zulima Farber considers it criminal? Entering and remaining in the country illegally, using forged documents to work, fraudulently receiving government funds, services, and goods, tax evasion and on and on.

What a signal to send to the illegal aliens in the U.S. – New Jersey’s Attorney General welcomes you with open arms and a promise of affordable housing.

And all of this is paid for on the backs of the middle class in New Jersey, whom suffer through the highest property taxes in the nation in order to pay for Farber's army of New Jersey illegals...
Jersey is teetering on the verge of collapse; that in itself is a very dangerous thing. But imagine the results should the Democratic party choose to implement these policies on a national scale. Remember - once Senator, now Governer, Corzine is one of their shining lights; and a very wealthy one at that...


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