Saturday, April 22, 2006

The New Europe

This is a disturbing story I picked up from the Brussels Journal; I am going to excerpt and comment from a few different posts:

Last Wednesday Joe Van Holsbeeck, 17 years of age, was murdered in Brussels Central Station. He was stabbed five times in the heart by North African youths. They demanded that he give them his MP3 player. When Joe refused he was savagely murdered. The atrocity happened during the evening rush hour on a crowded platform. Though there were hundreds of people on the platform, no-one interfered - perhaps because many people do not notice what is happening around them on a crowded, noisy and busy platform where passengers are rushing to catch their trains.

Sorry, I see that as an excuse for the timid European behavior that always takes place in face of a physical threat. Compare with the actions of a few Americans today:

A man who claimed to have a bomb aboard a United Airlines flight was subdued by fellow passengers as the California-bound plane was diverted to Denver International Airport, airport officials said.

...not to mention the actions taken by US citizens on Flight 93 on 9/11. I have taken some flack for saying this, but I will again - if that plane was filled with peoples from virtually any other nation, it would have been flown into yet another target, killing thousands more innocents, instead of forced to ditch in a central Pennsylvania valley...

Anyway, back to poor Mr. Holsbeeck, who should have known that as a good dhimmi, when Muslims ask for something that is your property, you should hand it over. Betrayed once by his countrymen, who watched in silent fear as he was butchered in public, he was betrayed again by the police:

Immediately after the assassination the police inquired whether Joe had made any “racist remarks” whilst been mugged...

- and finally, he was betrayed in death by his PC parents, who opted out of a traditional funeral service in deference to Muslims:

Joe’s parents opted for a memorial service instead of the traditional funeral Mass. The parish priest of the Catholic St. Elisabeth Church of the Brussels borough of Haren told Belgian radio this morning that the parents wanted to ensure that “immigrants would not feel excluded at the funeral service.The priest did not hand out the Holy Eucharist to the mourners, but the immigrant neighbours of the Van Holsbeeck family distributed home baked bread. This, the priest explained, was “a sign of fraternity” between Belgians and immigrants.

What a sorry state of affairs exists in Brussels; the home and heartland of the European Union. Alas, it is a perfect reflection of all that is horribly wrong with this psuedo super-state. This case is either right out of Kafka or are some more clips from this story:

Belgian citizens realize, however, that the murder has nothing to do with “indifference in Belgian society,” but everything with a group of North African youths terrorizing Brussels and the “indifference” of the authorities to eradicate this scourge...

....the Belgian police, when confronted with criminal immigrants, all too often “look the other way in order to avoid being accused of racism.”
....The authorities are worried that more and more Belgians are arming themselves because they feel they are no longer adequately protected by the police. It is illegal to carry arms in Belgium, where even a pepper spray is considered to be an illegal weapon....Governor Denys retorted: “I am the Governor of East Flanders, not of Texas. […] I do not want to live in such a society [where citizens are allowed to possess arms].”

He'd rather live in a society where people die when they do not act quickly enough to satisfy their new Muslim masters. Governor, seems like the Belgians may disagree with you...

Try to politicize policing? The above is the result.
Like it? Move to Europe!

Update: Hail, friends of Misha! Take a look around the shop! If you are interested, dug up a little history on the slanted reporting coming from ABC's Jerusalem Bureau - around the middle of this post here...


Anonymous said...

And, it turns out Joe's killers were Polish. So much for a group of North African youths terrorizing Brussels. I see that bigotry lives on in New Jersey, or perhaps just poor critical thinking skills.

Firehand said...

Anonymous, can you provide a link to where it says the murderers were Polish? Everything I've found specifically says 'North African' youths.

Plus, with all the efforts by the authorities and his parents to placate 'immigrants', that again points to guess who?

Unless you can provide such a link, then your snotty comments about 'critical thinking skills' show what a jackass you are.

The JerseyNut said...

My answer to anonymous is here: