Friday, April 21, 2006

Hamas: "Lunatics Running the Asylum"; and "ABC Loves Terror!"

The Hamas-led Palestinian government yesterday named a wanted terrorist - high on Israel's hit list - to head a new security force recruited from the ranks of fellow killers.
Jamal Abu Samhadana was named No. 2 man in the Palestinian Interior Ministry and commander of the "special executive" armed force, officials said.
Samhadana, military chief of the terrorist Popular Resistance Committees, is behind many of the homemade rocket attacks launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel in the past year.

The terrorist leader is a chief suspect in the roadside bomb attack that killed three private American security officers in Gaza three years ago.
He is believed to be responsible for other coldblooded attacks that targeted innocent families, including the slaying of Israeli settler Tatli Hatuel and her four daughters in the Gaza Strip in May 2004.

Interior Ministry spokesman Khaled Abu Hilal said Seyam's new security branch would be answerable only to him.
"This force is going to include the elite of our sons from the freedom fighters and the holy warriors and the best men we have," he said.
"It's going to include members of all the resistance branches."

That's all in today's New York Post...meanwhile, ABC News is already making excuses for Hamas' soon-to-be-commited atrocities:

Lack of Funds and Support May Force Hamas to Return to Violent Ways

And see how they admire Hamas' suicide bombing response while deriding Israel's:

Hamas leaders defended the attack as a justified response to Israeli "aggression" against the Palestinians.
Hamas's response was in line with its refusal to give up its right to violence. Hamas leaders see it as an essential bargaining chip in future negotiations, one that it believes Abbas and late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat gave up too quickly and received nothing in return.
In response to the suicide bombing, Israel said is would expel five Hamas government members who live in East Jerusalem and would be considered "illegal aliens" if they refused to obey. This is widely believed to be a lengthy and ineffective procedure.

Now, some out-and-out Israel bashing by the racists at ABC:

For the last three weeks the IDF has fired about 4000 shells into Gaza in attempts to stop a handful of militants from firing the Qassams (homemade rockets that are mostly inaccurate) into Israel. (The last Israeli to be killed by a Qassam was in August 2005).
IDF shelling and other 'operations' have resulted in 30 Palestinian deaths, not including six children who were also killed. About 130 other Palestinians have been injured.

ABC reporter (and Jerusalem bureau chief ) Wilf Dinnick, a former CBC and CTV guy, has a long history of this type of terrorist-loving reporting:

Palestinians voted for Miriam Farahat because she's made astonishing sacrifices in her quest to destroy Israel. Farahat has sent three of her six sons on suicide missions. That's why her supporters call her Um Nidal, the 'Mother of the Struggle.'

Wilfie Cheers While Jews Die!

Or read this one by Wilf: Israel's Sonic Booms Terrifying Gaza Children (Video here)
Here he tells the Palestinians that Gaza isn't enough!
Note his presence here on the board of an anti-American "human rights group" (see "Toronto Committee")!
More shilling for Hamas here;
and some left-wing political donations here.

How dare ABC tout themselves as anything less than a full-throated, pro-Palestinian propaganda outlet?

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Anonymous said...

So ABC news puts an anti-Semite in charge of Jerusalem, for the sake of "balance", no doubt?
The scare quotes around the word "operation" is what really pisses me off...