Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Face of Evil

From Moussaoui's trial:

The jury also heard about American Airlines Flight 77. After hijacking the plane, the suicide pilots flew it at 530mph into the west side of the Pentagon, where 36,200 pounds of jet fuel blasted a billowing orange fireball upward.

Prosecutors showed grisly images of corpses in the blackened rubble.
One was burned into an office chair. Others were splayed on blue tarps, including one gruesomely charred lump that appeared to be a legless and headless victim. Another shot was of several victims melted together in a heap.

Moussaoui grinned quietly.

An animal.
And that goes for those whom support him and his ideals as well.

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The probligo said...

You just can not get it, can you.

He is sitting there thinking of his 72 virgins.

And you are determined to give him that fate.

Deny him.

Let him know that he will spend his remaining days in an open prison.

Let him know that he will be forever held in ridicule and contempt as the only 911 who got caught.

Remind him for the rest of his days that he was too scared to complete his mission, he is a coward and contemptable.

Just keep him alive, and remind him every day that he failed.

Remind him - he does not deserve his paradise.