Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The Paris Intifada

Well, the French sensitivities to the Muslim Arab cause has really paid off handsomely, wouldn't you say? A microcosm of the clash of civilizations in the suburbs of Paris - how long until the French surrender again, and give the enemies of the West a huge foothold in our land?

Read a great article on the Muslim condition in Europe here - one of the better researched pieces of sociology (a branch of social science I've always mistrysted) that I've read in some time...

Alas, time is short this evening and posting must be brief. Some good links on the Paris Intifada of 2005 -

Is the Intifada spreading to Denmark? Viking Pundit passes on important info regarding riots in Ã…rhus, Denmark . Read it here:

Little Green Footballs is on top of it ; with this gem on daily life in the progressive country of France:

Sarkozy says that violence in French suburbs is a daily fact of life.
Since the start of the year, 9,000 police cars have been stoned and, each night, 20 to 40 cars are torched
, Sarkozy said in an interview last week with the newspaper Le Monde.

No Parasan! is on it big-time as well ; scroll down to take a quick quiz - Gaza Strip? Baghdad? Abidjan? No - it's Paris!

Of course, Gateway Pundit has been breaking news on the Paris Riots virtually every night

And stop by E-nough!, as she describes "Ignition"

Youths torched cars, set garbage bins alight and threw stones at police in a fifth night of rioting in a Paris suburb, and set two primary school classrooms on fire as rioting spread to two other suburban towns

This is why we elect Republicans, folks...

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