Monday, November 21, 2005

Inside China?

This is from the lead editorial of China's People Daily Online; and as I am sure it is cleared by Dear Leader's minions, it becomes more noteworthy:

The China-US relations have traversed a course over 30 years. It is by no means a smooth journey but full of twists and turns...
...The happening of "September 11" crated an opportunity for improving relations. Washington needed Chinese help in its fight against terror and
Beijing responded. As a result, as former Secretary of State Colin Powell put it, the China-US relationship was "at the best period since the establishment of diplomatic relations".

No doubt...there are also friction and setbacks. A wide-spread argumentation is that China, taking advantage of US terror fight, launched attacks in all directions and slipped into Africa and South America to "nip away" US interests, and it will strengthen itself and pose a threat to the United States. Hence the "containment" theory.
Meanwhile, some other Americans argue that China's development is an opportunity not only for the United States but for the world as a whole. Hence the "opportunity" theory, especially in economic and trade areas.
In fact, this is only on the surface....

....we have good reason to believe that this new wave of China-US ties is bound to be heading for a long-term, positive direction, and is sure to push the relations to a new high.

Is the Chinese government really aspiring to better relations with America? Or is this a prefabricated build-up to the "let-down" that will result when very few agreements are reached during Bush's visit?

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