Friday, November 11, 2005

"The Islamist Threat"

...Muslim parts of Paris, Rotterdam and other European cities are already labeled no go zones for ethnic Europeans, including armed policemen." As the Muslim populations and their level of cultural and religious assertiveness expand, European geography will be "reclaimed" for Islam. Europe will become pockmarked with increasing numbers of little Fallujahs that will be effectively impenetrable by anything much short of a U.S. Marine division. "Thus, as the fundamentalism expands into European (and perhaps to a lesser extent American) Muslim communities, not only will Islamic cultural aggression against a seemingly passive and apologetic indigenous population increase, but the zone of safety and support for the actual terrorists will expand as well."

Tony Blankley, writing seven months ago, before the subway bombings and the Paris Intifada...via Powerline, here:

And the French Media remains in cahoots with the rioters; here, via No Parasan!:

...A¡No PasarĂ n! reader wrote in to draw attention to this interesting item on Rantburg, complete with video shown on the satellite/cable channel Canal+:

«a subtitle strategically placed says "Sarkozy, fasciste!", but according to many French forums listeners (including me), the "youths" actually shout "Sarkozy, sale juif", this is clearly audible, Sarko effectively being part-jewish.

So French TV outlet Canal+ edits "Sarkozy, dirty jew!" to "Sarkozy, fascist!" Nice!

Now that the French MSM is cowed into submission, it is time for the French goverment to settle down and be good dhimmis!

The Surrender Monkeys do so, by punishing those they put out on the front lines:

Eight French police officers have been suspended for their suspected role in the beating of a young man in a town near Paris
Two officers are suspected of dealing "unwarranted blows" to the man in La Courneuve ...In a statement, the Interior Ministry said the six others were suspected of witnessing the Nov. 7 incident. The victim had "superficial lesions" on the forehead and right foot, it said.

Suspensions, during a freakin' war, for "superficial lesions"...scratches!!!
A response, again from No Parasan!

A rioter, who had been held for throwing rocks and then released, came back, heckled the cops, and threw bottles at the police station. He then got roughed up a bit (and rightfully so; he didn't even get one tenth of what was coming to him). The incident was filmed and now Sarkozy is backing down instead of standing up for his men. All this to avoid these Muslim kids from going apeshit, as if they haven't already.
Will the appeasement never stop?

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