Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jordan Attacked; Bush to Blame

The terrorists again shift the battle front; this time it is Jordanian hotels:

Suicide bombers carried out nearly simultaneous attacks on three U.S.-based hotels in the Jordanian capital Wednesday night, killing at least 57 people and wounding 115 in what appeared to be an al-Qaida assault on an Arab kingdom with close ties to the United States and a common border with Iraq. {}

I appreciate the term "al-Qaida assault" here; it is a pure war term, unlike the milquetoast words the media prefers, like "conflict" or "disputed" or "so-called war" (more on that later!). Is this Abu Musab al-Zarqawi's warning to secular Arab states? Warning against co-operation with the United States; or "U.S based" businesses? Or perhaps a strike against Jordan's peaceful relations with its neighbor The Zionist Entity"?

Then again, Jordan does share a border with Iraq...Can al-Qaida be moving materials thru Jordan; and is this attack a warning to steer clear? Today's slaughter of the innocents is not random; it is part of the bigger war; and here the terrorists are leading, because the West (with the exception of America/Austraila/Britian) is reacting, not acting. The media harms us here - every Western offensive must take into account the media's desire to turn it into a "slaughter"/defeat/rallying cry for anti-Americanism.

Don't believe me? I take you to Two Minute Offense {here:}, where we hear how CNBC presented today's al-Qaida's attack on Jordan:

CNBC has been running with the story about the bombings in Jordan. A little while ago they had an NBC News producer on to talk about the significance. He said that it looks like Al Qaeda. If so, US officials will have to think seriously about whether their anti-terror policies are effective.

So today's terrorist killspree is turned into a defeat for American policy, and by extension, the president, by a NBC News producer given a platform by CNBC. Unbelieveable. I want to quote a commentator on the above blog:

The people who don't want us to fight this war on terrorism (much less actually win it), don't want us to kill anyone while fighting this war on terrorism, don't want us to capture anyone fighting against us in this war on terrorism, and don't want us to interrogate anyone we do capture while fighting this war on terrorism... these same people now want to excoriate the President because he did not prevent terrorists from carrying out suicide bombing attacks.

We are in trouble, folks. I'll bet my bottom dollar that if Islamists were not controlling the key events in the Paris Riots, they have for sure inflitrated by now - they have found a ready-made army, capable of overthrowing the French goverment. Jordan has been viciously assaulted. India is under constant attack; now reaching into the capital. Indonesia is roiling. There is a war on, and like the Nazis, the Islamists are moving so quickly that know one will know what happened until it is over; and the new caliphate has arisen.

And the media continues, furiously, to poison the well - weaking our President; weakening our troops, blasting away at the country's morale with each terrorist "victory".

This is not going to be easy...

UPDATE 620A: Oh, here's why:

The al-Qaida claim, which could not be independently verified, said Jordan became a target because it was "a backyard garden for the enemies of the religion, Jews and crusaders ... a filthy place for the traitors ... and a center for prostitution."...
...the attacks put the United States on notice that the "backyard camp for the crusader army is now in the range of fire of the holy warriors."

A center for prostitution? I missed that one...

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