Sunday, November 27, 2005

EU Dhimmis Dissed by Arabs

The EU begs them them to talk (after all, every dispute is solveable without resort to violence, right?), so that they can surrender quietly like good dhimmis. But the Arab nations refuse to even sit at the table with them:

A mass stay-away by Arab leaders from the first Euro-Mediterranean summit on Sunday highlighted the difficulties of strengthening the European Union's decade-old partnership with its southern neighbors

"Partnership" is an interesting word here; is Reuters tactically admitting that there is a Euro-Arab alliance against Isreal/America? It has been stated by pundits and scholars alike (Bat Ye'or that this is the case; it's refreshing to see it out in the open.

The EU called the ambitious summit hoping to revitalize ties with Near Eastern and North African neighbors and extend co-operation to fighting terrorism and illegal migration, as well as promoting economic and political reforms.
But while all 25 EU leaders were set to attend, only two of the 10 Mediterranean partners -- Turkey and the Palestinian Authority were sending their top leaders to the two-day conference, beginning on Sunday evening.

Maybe if they bow and scrape just a little harder, the Muslim world will deign to talk with them...

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