Wednesday, November 09, 2005

French Media: Dancing as Fast as They Can...

...If you think that French media are downplaying the extent of the actual violence and damage, you are right. Quite a bit of hard news is not being reported both by design and by the circumstances on the ground. State TV has already decided to stop repeating the number of cars burned every day and film crews (particularly white French film crews) are being chased from the suburbs after having their vehicles and equipment torched...

Callers on talk radio are starting to reveal what MSM is censuring: the racist, Islamist nature of the ongoing uprising.

State TV has already manipulated reports, albeit hamfistedly. The most notable example was the bait-and-switch reports about the handicapped woman doused with gasoline and burned by rioters. Every attempt was made to have viewers believe that race was not an issue. [we covered that here: - ed.]

The Socialist Mayor of Noisy le Grand, speaking on France Culture radio yesterday morning claimed that in his city women were dragged from their cars by their hair and, for all intense and purposes, stoned by rampaging youths . He also reported that molotov cocktails were thrown into people's homes. He then asked the Army to intervene. The host, somewhat shocked that a Socialist mayor would use such language on a live State radio broadcast, stammered for a few seconds. The reports have since slipped into a French media memory hole.

- From No Parasan!, reporting brilliantly on the scene, here ...FYI, they are referring to our bouncing baby intifada as a "pogrom"...

And Little Green Footballs shows us how the Islamofascists of France have taken the media's excuse for their behavior, and internalized it:

On the broad concrete slab that is the main plaza in Reynerie, a neighborhood of Arab and black African heritage in this high-tech city, teenage boys with fibrous muscles debated housewives Tuesday afternoon about the riots that have swept the neighborhood and much of France.
“You’re scaring the children,” said one stocky woman, pushing her wide-eyed 3-year-old girl out front as an exhibit. “We also have to live here, and we can’t go on like this.”

“I am not a terrorist, I’m a victim,” responded one of the young men.

Uh huh. That's going to be the cathphrase for the remainder of the French Intifada, the one the jihadis know will excuse any atrocity they commit. I never once, incidentally, heard this given as an rationale by any of the Paris rioters themselves until about ten days in, and after the MSM had used it, oh, maybe ten thousand times? And what the hell is this "fibrous muscles" crap? Is our reporter (Washington Post, by the way) in gay Pariee trying to make new Che Guevaras out of this totalitarian rabble? Wait, they'll be heroes soon enough, just like those guys who blow up schoolbuses in Israel...

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