Sunday, November 27, 2005

Market Rallies; Bush to Blame!

During the eight years of the Clinton Presidency, every new high-water mark of the Dow was greeted with large-font headlines and adoring praise. Yet, as the American economy continues to outperform the rest of the world under George Bush, the media gives us...resounding silence.

From Tigerhawk:
The stock market hit a 4 1/2 year high on Friday . The fall rally reflects the muscular American economy, which managed to produce economic growth in the third quarter at almost triple the rate of the Euro zone. The comparative American strength was particularly impressive in light of the hurricanes: As I wrote a few weeks ago, not a single European city was destroyed this year (although I suppose Paris had a close call).

European economies dance a jig when they reach a1% growth rate; the US economy is banging away at 3.8%. Maybe the current French transist strike will help matters?

These market highs mean everything to "the little people' that the liberals claim to care so much about. With most Americans counting on their 401(k) plans to provide for them in retirement; smart, moderate-to-conservative fund movements during a stock market run can give them extra revenue for later years.

The rising tide floats all boats; except for those whom wish to torpedo Bush. When it comes to Republicans, good news is no news.

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The probligo said...

as the American economy continues to outperform the rest of the world under George Bush

I just love your sarcastic sense of humour. It surpasses by a couple of blocks most of the right wing nuts that I do the rounds of each day.

I understand that you realise that the rate of growth in the China economy has been double that of the US for at least the past five years, likely eight years..

I understand that you believe the twin deficits - internal fiscal and external trade - have been increasing rapidly over the past eight years. Sometime in the future that is going to roost. Of course by then there will be a D President, and you will be able to praise Him for saving the economy, increasing taxes, increased interest rates et al.

I wonder, have you thought about how much of the investment in Wall St is foreign money looking from a home.

I wonder too, how much of the money being put into supporting the Dow comes from Ma and Pa investors who have borrowed cheap money in pursuit of riches and happiness. Shades of 1928 there...

Well, never mind what happens. You sound as happy as a pig in muck so why should I worry. I worry because anything that happens to the US economy is going to impact me as well...