Friday, November 04, 2005

"Le Grande Poulet..." what Chirac was called many times on these pages; but perhaps recent events show him to be someone far worse...a Chamberlain for the 21st century. This louse could have supported American efforts in fight terror in Iraq but instead battled us in word and deed to raise himself up as the great leader of the peaceful new European age (a French-led age, of course). The result? The barbarians are at the doorstep, burning the suburbs of Paris. The ineveitable French surrender will give al-Qaeda a beachhead within Europe to fight to regain the continent lost so many centuries ago. Will our liberal intellectual betters own up to the failure of their policies; or will they refuse to acknowledge reality around them?
And about that reality:

Rioting youths shot at police and torched 177 vehicles during overnight violence in Paris, officials say.Gangs briefly besieged a police station, set fire to a car dealership and threw petrol bombs at public buses. At least 15 people were arrested and nine injured on a seventh consecutive night of violence in northern Paris.....The disturbances damaged a shopping center, car dealership and primary school as more than 1,000 police were deployed to quell the unrest, which was triggered last week by the deaths of two teenagers.

Excellent reporting, as we have come to expect, from Gateway Pundit here:

Jihad Watch points out the biggest stumbling block Chirac and the intellectual thugs of multi-culturalism have set up against the West:

For it is ultimately not a problem of disaffected youth who just need jobs and money, but of youth who consider the French government a foreign power, and one that ultimately must be replaced by a very different kind of government. Bat Ye'or in Eurabia has demonstrated that the French for over 30 years now have allowed for massive immigration without making any move to assimilate the immigrants. Up until the hijab ban their Islamic identity was not only unchallenged but encouraged -- partly out of ignorance of how the Sharia impulse conflicts with the Western societal model of pluralism. Now they are reaping the fruit.

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Wretchard at The Belmont Club gets to the crux of the cold war between France and the United States:

The events in France may turn out to have a greater strategic impact than September 11. French policies, however maddening, had the virtue of serving as the control case to the American experiment of attempting to reform the Islamic world. The latter acknowledged, however shyly, that it was facing an aggression which had to be met at the root; which had to be resolved by building viable societies in Islamic homelands. The former, and France in particular, maintained there was nothing that temporizing and appeasement, in one form or another, could not solve. What events in France have done is discredit the liberal recipe so badly that even those who are not prepared to admit that American policy may have been right must now root around for an alternative theory.

Holland had Van Gogh, Austraila had Bali, England had the subway this France's September 11th moment? One shudders to think of these craven appeasement monkeys on the front line of the European Intifada...

And how many of our liberal leaders will continue to support the French model, even as it crumbles before them? The media certainly is not holding their feet to the fire:

...The sweet dream of universal cultural compatibility has been replaced by the nightmare of permanent conflict...Our mainstream media, in attempts to preserve the Left’s chimera of “universal cultural compatibility,” hardly write about all this.
{via Brussels Journal}

Meanwhile, the Paris Riots of 2005 burn on...

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