Saturday, November 05, 2005

Muslim Offensive Continues Apace in Europe

The Muslim forces of jihad stayed on the offensive in Paris last night, fighting back government forces and attempting to take additional cities. From Reuters {}:

In a potentially worrying development for Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin's beleaguered government, police said more cars were set alight outside the greater Paris area than in the capital's suburbs, the epicenter of riots for more than a week.

“Potentially worrying”, huh? Maybe Reuters will upgrade the situation to "troublesome" once the Sharia courts start stoning French maids. The AP’s take is even more dire {}:

Bands of youths roaming Parisian suburbs burned more than 500 vehicles and hurled stones at police Friday, as the worst rioting in a decade entered its second week and spread elsewhere in France...

A savage assault on a bus passenger highlighted the dangers of travel in the impoverished outlying neighborhoods, where authorities were struggling to regain control.
Attackers doused the woman, in her 50s and on crutches, with an inflammable liquid and set her afire as she tried to get off a bus in the suburb of Sevran Wednesday, judicial officials said. The bus had been forced to stop because of burning objects in its path. She was rescued by the driver and hospitalized with severe burns

Somehow this woman must have deserved it, right? No, really, that is what the French government is telling themselves - Mark Steyn, via Radio Blogger transcripts {here -} :

...judging from Chirac's speech, where he says we have to understand their grievances and their alienation, I think the European tendency to appease these people is coming into play in the French cabinet.

Nice! The poor woman on crutches should have understood their grievences, and perhaps they wouldn't have burned her alive! The jihadis are not stupid; they know where to launch their first offensive. Always bite the hand that appeases - here's Amir Taheri in today's New York Post {}:

...President Jacques Chirac and Premier de Villepin are especially sore because they had believed that their opposition to the toppling of Saddam Hussein in 2003 would give France a heroic image in the Muslim community.
That illusion has now been shattered
— and the Chirac administration, already passing through a deepening political crisis, appears to be clueless about how to cope with what the Parisian daily France Soir has called a "ticking time bomb."
It is now clear that a good portion of France's Muslims not only refuse to assimilate into "the superior French culture," but firmly believe that Islam offers the highest forms of life to which all mankind should aspire.

Let's see your culture co-exist with that, de Villepin! It can't, actually, one side must subserve to the other. Britian, for example {via Brussels Journal} shows us how it's done:

Politicians and opinion makers assure us that Islam does not condone terror and that we must support the “beleaguered” Muslim community. With every act of terrorism the press becomes more friendly towards Islam. The Guardian has virtually become al-Guardian.
The British government wants to make it a crime to insult Islam and the Muslim community. When the House of Lords rejected this bill the Labour Party, eager to win the Muslim vote, incorporated the proposal into its party platform... Piggy banks are banned, as are children’s books featuring piggies, as is pork on the menu in schools and prisons. History has been rewritten to blame the West for the Crusades and the conquest of al-Andalous.

Muslims are fertilizing the grounds for jihad in Britian the way they did in France; this may make Hitler's blitzkrieg seem like a dial-up internet connection. If I was a European Jew, I'd start rooting up my passport right around now and pulling out my atlas, looking for some new digs.

Speaking of which, I found a new friend at The Gates of Vienna {} who sees what he calls "The New Kristallnacht" rising again in Europe, and he chooses sides:

Full disclosure: I am not a Jew. I am a practicing Christian, non-evangelical, from a background of tolerant Protestantism. I read eclectically, am well educated, and consider myself an intellectual. And I stand with the Jews...

World War IV is upon us, folks, complete with occupied cities, terror against civilians, threats against Jews, and armies on the march.
Look, it even has its own blog here!

I cannot believe we are letting this happen...again.

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