Thursday, January 10, 2013

The ObamaCare "Death Spiral" Has Begun!

It was so obvious, even a child could see it.

But not a liberal.

Even the New York Times was forced to admit last week, in shocked - shocked! - terms, that the cost of health insurance was beginning to spiral sharply  upwards, despite all their assurances to the contrary.  And while they can see the obvious symptoms, they are still too stupid to see where it is going to end.

In death.  For Americans.  And the insurance industry   And what was once the most vibrant medical community in the world.

Phillip Klein, at the Washington Examiner: the Obama administration argued before the Supreme Court, those who choose not to purchase insurance would still be in compliance with the law so long as they paid the tax penalty for not purchasing insurance. Should premiums continue to rise, more and more uninsured Americans are going to choose to pay the penalty rather than purchase expensive insurance. And those who go without insurance are more likely to be the ones who can afford to do so — young and healthy Americans with limited medical expenses. Should this occur, insurers would have to raise premiums even more to subsidize the expenses of the sicker beneficiaries they must cover under the law. This, in turn, would cause additional people to forgo insurance and pay the fine. And so on. This is known in the health care policy community as the “death spiral” and it’s one of the biggest threats to the structure of Obamacare.

Actually, it's one of the biggest threats to the people of the United States, who are about to see their way of life torn asunder, as affordable health insurance becomes a thing of the past for those who had it, and unattainable for those who don't.

Which will lead to a government attempt to take over the entire industry.  Which some feel has been the real plan all along.

We lost this argument in November 2012, primarily because we picked a candidate who was unable to speak about ObamaCare, lest his own experiment in socialized medicine draw further scrutiny.

Nothing to do now but pour a drink, and chronicle the decline.

And pray, like our ancestors did, for good health.  For  - like them - prayer may be the only thing the government leaves us with.

For now.

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