Saturday, January 05, 2013

Barack Obama: Incredibly Dumb, Or Incredibly Cruel?

Hurricane Sandy victim Donna Vanzant - made quasi-famous for hugging Barack Obama amongst the wreckage, and giving him the photo-op he needed to seal Election 2012 - was talking about the president the other day. Giving us a little picture of how caring Mr,Obama really is, especially after the cameras are turned off and he doesn't actually need you anymore:

From an interview with Donna V.:

President Obama comforted you and offered you “immediate” assistance. Since your encounter with him months ago, what has been your interaction with the White House?

After his visit, I sent an email to President Obama. Many days later, I got a response back. It was disturbing.

How so?

It had nothing to do with what I was asking him. It was a form letter. It thanked me for supporting the troops...It’s heartbreaking, really. 

What were you hoping for?

When you get a hug from the President of the United States, you feel like there’s something there. A promise was made. I have two grown kids. One is a U.S. Navy diver. The other one lives at the marina with his wife and new baby, and they lost everything. But I raised my kids to know that your word is your word. You promise something, you keep it, and that was a broken promise. I’ve never been a person to expect free handouts, but the President gave me hope. But now, I just don’t know...

Makes me wonder if the press kind of misses George W. Bush, even if just a little bit.  If he sent an incorrect form letter to an old lady who lost everything she had, well....front page stories and late-night laugh-lines for weeks.

But they can't, because Barack is their boy.  Which means we'll never get an answer to the question  posed in the post header above...

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