Sunday, January 13, 2013

"No justice at all, except poetic justice..."

Oh - and that "poetic justice" is about to be served upon the citizens of the United States of America.  Over at the Belmont Club, we get a preview of the chaos that is coming to a 'burg near you...

...people who voted for Obama, from Alan Dershowitz to the unions on down, are feeling betrayed. They thought they were going to get the special treatment. But the system has run out of “other people’s money” already. So now it is going after their money. With the Constitution disabled — and which the supporters helped disable in the first place in the mistaken belief the raids would always be on other people — there is nothing left to protect them.

No justice at all except poetic justice.

What the future holds may be foreshadowed by events in Venezuela. Roger Noriega, writing for Foreign Policy notes that in Venezuela, the hyenas and the buzzards are now fighting over the country’s bones. “With cancer-stricken Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez clinging to life in a Havana hospital, an intense struggle for power is under way in Caracas, pitting Cuban-backed ideologues against narcogenerals.” This is where socialism, taken to its limit goes. Gangsterism.

What’s to stop them? The Venezuelan constitution is now about as unenforceable as Oliver Cromwell’s enactment of 1657 making it illegal to eat mince pies anywhere in England on Christmas Day.

Socialism is a fairy tale they tell chumps but the insiders know that money rules the roost....

And when the money runs out, there is nothing left to do but fight over what remains.  Perhaps Barack Obama is being shrewd in his constant attempts to enforce redistribution upon the American people - he knows where his policies will take us.

The president believes, however, that he & his will be safe when the streets are left to the jackals.  But Karma tends to be cruel, is immune to social status and conventional wisdom, and offers no guarantees to anyone...

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