Friday, January 04, 2013

My First Paycheck Of 2013... down about $100, give or take (actually, it's more "take"), from my last paycheck of 2012.  That's due to the 2% increase in the payroll tax, and an increase in the cost of my medical plan (which our HR department told us bluntly was due to "costs associated with the implementation of ObamaCare").

But I'm not surprised; I was paying attention.  Liberals, on the other hand, are dumb enough to believe everything that Barack Obama tells them.  Seen at the Democratic Underground:

So sorry that you're not comfortable, NCTraveler.  Lie down with whores, though, and don't act shocked when you wake up with empty pockets.

Thus has Obama squandered his post-election goodwill.  He got his tax hike on the slight wealthy, as well as one on the middle class and poor.  Maybe if he had told the whole truth all along....Ah, but who are we kidding?

The masses are going to be pissed of today.  Which makes January 4th Day 1 in the push-back against Obama's fiscal insanity.  I wrote yesterday about how the "fiscal cliff defeat" Republicans suffered was actually quite the victory - and that the president's day of reckoning will soon be upon him:

And what did the president wind up with, at the zenith of his power? Takes hikes on folks making $400-$450K, and a total tax package of just $600B over ten years. About 37% of what he originally asked for. And while he preens about saving the middle class from a tax hike, the reality is that in 2013, every single middle-class American will hikes. Starting today, as the payroll tax jumps by 2%, taking a $150-$200 per month bite out of every working person's paycheck.

And while Obama assumes (correctly) the media will blame the Republicans for everything, Americans are not going to blame Republicans for tax hikes. The media has already worked too hard to paint the party as "obstructionists" for refusing to raise taxes even further; it would take Orwellian gymnastics to switch the story line by this Friday.

Michael Graham writes in the Boston Herald:

Well, the wealthy have met the tax-ecutioner.  So, who wants to explain to the masses that the $60 billion they’re now paying is being spent on more government programs, and will do nothing to fix the deficit or create jobs?

What happens when the 60 percent of Americans who wanted higher taxes on the wealthy figure out that this new money is going down the same old D.C. sinkhole? When they find out the “fiscal cliff” deal carved out special-interest deals for Obama supporters like General Electric, Goldman Sachs and the blowhards in the “wind energy” biz?

Even the media recognizes the failings of the cliff deal...but of course, rather than show wind turbines, happy bank execs, or smirking movie stars, they give you...NASCAR, as the enemy of the people...

So after pushing through his class-warfare tax hikes, what will Obama have to show for it, say, in November 2014?

He's gonna have an even more Republican House, and a Republican Senate.

IF - and this is a big IF - the Republicans play this to their advantage.  No mealy-mouthed bullshit today; it's time to get up and say "I told you so".  It's time to throw back in the people's face the concept they bought into last November - that they could have something for nothing.  Time to ask them how that new paycheck is working out for them.  Time to start launching some rhetorical  rockets, and softening up the battlefield for the war over the debt ceiling - a fiscal Gettysburg that will determine America's moral future.

The time to fight is today.  If the Republicans wait until the media sets the narrative, we'll lose - again...

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