Saturday, January 12, 2013

Once, Dissent Was Patriotic. Now, You're A "Total Jerkface"...

Read the note, check out the headline, and skim the inane paragraph that accompanies it:

The MSN commentoriat are largely supportive, with most echoing the refrain that if you can't afford the tip, skip the trip.

But liberals are, by and large  economic illiterates.  If everyone who decided they weren't going to leave a tip, or could only afford a meager one, stayed home, a lot of these restaurants would be closing up shop.  If they are specifically asking conservatives not to eat out, then you are by and large telling 50% of the public to keep out of their establishments.  50% at least, as I am not sure the better establishments take food stamps (yet.  Perhaps, for self-esteem purposes, we can get the "poor" a monthly surf & turf allowance?)

Which would put a lot of these waiters and waitresses out of work entirely, leaving them totally unemployed instead of being stiffed out of one or two tips a shift (more likely by the "chew & screw" bunch than you average law-abiding Tea Partier).

Where this done in support of a liberal position - say, a note left in a church collection plate in lieu of cash, condemning their refusal to perform perverted nuptials - the media would be squealing in delight, instead of squealing like pigs.

But they squeal, like most animals do, out of fear.  Fear that the message sent will be received   So they label it the work of "jerkfaces", in the hope of condemning the messenger (while not actually acknowledging the message).

That's a big fail, media.  You'd don't like what I have to say, so you're gonna call me names, in the hope of shaming me into silence?

 Fuck you.

In fact, it's attacks like these that refuel my urge to continue blogging in the first place.  So the more you try to shut me up, the louder I'm gonna scream.

Bring it, bitches.  Bring it.

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