Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year, America! Want A Glimpse Into What 2013 Is Going To Bring?

Here's what we'll be looking at, come New Year's Eve 2013:

(..or is this Staten Island, post-Sandy?)

(OK, this one is modern-day Detroit...but you get the point)

Well, sometimes a prophecy does not come to pass because the people involved changed their behavior.  Like the people of Nineveh, who changed their act once Jonah came to town to warn them of impending doom (incidentally, this story is also told almost verbatim in the Qur'an).

But we've already been warned by God, and we've failed to change our direction - in fact, given the chance this past November, we willfully reinforced it.

So come what may.  And while my personal prophecy may seem a bit dismal, it is still more realistic than Barack Obama's vision of turning America into a Socialist paradise.  Alas, it is the conflict between my ideology, and his, that will give us the conditions seen above.

Welcome to 2013.  Start prepping your "go-kit"...

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Rich Holland said...

It's coming, be prepared.