Friday, January 11, 2013

Media Desperately Works The Gun Control Narrative, To No Avail...

Screenshots taken this morning:

The first, from Google News, uses exclusively hard-left "news" sources in order to create the impression of a consensus.  The second piece, from The Wrap (carried by Yahoo News), takes offense to Ted Nugent comparing the 2nd Amendment struggle to the civil rights battle of African Americans, and declares he has "shot" (eliminationist rhetoric alert!) off his mouth" in his in the process.  Useful to remember, the next time the "fight" for gay marriage or the "battle" against global warming is compared to the civil rights struggles of the 60's.  Which usually occurs every 15 minutes...

But the bottom line is that for all of Biden's bluster, and Obama's tough-talk, very little controlling of guns is actually going to happen.  Even the New York Times believes the administration is rapidly trying to downsize expectations for what changes they will be able to accomplish here.  At this point, the idiotic talk of "gun confiscation"  has been scaled back to "tougher background checks" - and with a newly bolstered and activated NRA membership; Joe and O will be lucky to get even that much.

Commentary mocks the media for assuming that they were, in fact, representative of "public opinion".:

The assumption was that a re-elected President Obama would get any sort of gun control legislation passed that he wanted and that the National Rifle Association would be powerless to stop him. But even before next Tuesday’s announcement of the recommendations made to the president by Vice President Biden, it appears as if everyone in the capital knows that it is highly unlikely that the administration will be able to pass any sort of major gun control bill....

This has to leave a lot of liberals, who have been watching the talking heads on CNN and MSNBC spend the last month telling them that the Republicans would reinforce their status as the “stupid party” if they tried to obstruct Obama’s gun plans, wondering what happened. It turns out that...the massive shift in public opinion and among politicians that we were told had happened since Newtown is a figment of the liberal imagination.

But the main point to take away from this turnaround is the fashion in which media elites are disconnected from political reality.

The aftermath of Newtown did give gun control advocates an opening to refloat all of their old proposals with more traction than they have had in many years...

But none of that changes the fact that there is still a reliable majority in Congress that is opposed to infringement on the right to possess guns and little proof that any such legislation would stop tragedies like Newtown from happening. 

That so many talking heads blithely assumed that all this would change after Newtown was merely wishful thinking on their part. That’s something to remember the next time liberals make similar assumptions about the conventional wisdom that they are trying to foist on the country

This time, the will of the people prevailed over the Will of The One, and his state-ensnared media operation. Don't count on it working again.  After all, when all is said and done...we are still stuck with ObamaCare, right?

UPDATE:   Some people still don't get it...former Pennsylvania governor and liberal Democrat Ed Rendell says, "The good thing about Newton is..."

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