Monday, January 28, 2013

How They Observe "Holocaust Memorial Day" In Great Britain...

...with cartoons like this in Sunday Times:

This can't be the blood libel it's intended to be, can it?  At first, I thought it was a cautionary example of how a Holocaust could be generated, perhaps an artist's vision of what Der Stürmer would produce if it were still publishing today.

But no.  It's just another Sunday editorial cartoon in the Sunday Times of Britain, only coincidentally timed with Holocaust Memorial Day, of course.  Raheem Kassam is sickened:

...the large-nosed Jew, hunched over a wall, building with the blood of Palestinians as they writhe in pain within it.

For this is exactly what the Sunday Times has today done; not simply treading the fine line between criticism and blood libel, but indeed spitting all over it, leaving it for dust, and careering head first into anti-Semitismsville.

“Will cementing peace continue?” reads the caption beneath the image of a Quasimodo-like Netanyahu. As if this half-hearted attempt at a pun would help masquerade the overt racism within the image.

As the French were once wont to say: Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

“The Jew’s symbol is a worm, not without reason. He seeks to creep up on what he wants.” - Nazi propaganda, 1934

How bad has it gotten in England?  Worse than you might imagine.  Caroline Glick reports from a recent visit to the Isle of the Dead  (via Legal Insurrection):

The public atmosphere in England regarding Israel is ugly and violent….

A couple of impressions I took away from the experience: First, I can say without hesitation that I hope never to return to Britain. I actually don’t see any point. Jews are targeted by massive anti-Semitism of both the social and physical varieties. Why would anyone Jewish want to live there?

As to visiting as an Israeli, again, I just don’t see the point... there is no future for Jews in England.

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Anonymous said...

Related, in any number of ways:

" Study shows growth in European anti-Semitism "

...the report found no significant rise in anti-Semitic attacks in the Arab or Muslim world.

The study singles out the attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, which left a rabbi and three children dead, and reports that the largest increase in anti-Semitic incidents over 2012 was in Europe.

It also points to parliamentary victories by a number of far right anti-Semitic parties in Europe, including the Golden dawn party in Greece and the Jobbik party in Hungary, as a worrying trend.

According to Diaspora and Public Information Minister Yuli Edelstein, who will present the report, the anti-Semitic incidents, which took the form of everything from Internet propaganda to physical attacks, had no relationship to Israeli policies.

I thought that being against Israeli policies was used as an excuse for being against Jews. Looks as if most of Europe isn't even bothering to try to cover up their ancestral hatreds with a fig leaf anymore.