Sunday, November 02, 2008

Wing Men - McCain's, and Obama's...

Wingmen for McCain is a site that banners itself as one that recognizes "the real John McCain, as remembered by fellow POW's and flyers".

And it is powerful.

I read thru Navy pilot Mike McGrath’s illustrated tale of his six years in the “Hanoi Hilton”, and when I finished, I put my head in my hands, unable to grasp the horror of what these men endured.

Then I remembered that John McCain not only endured, but survived and triumphed over this experience. And that he stood before me (metaphorically, of course), asking me for an opportunity to lead, for one last time.

Could there be a man more qualified?

Then my mind drifted to his opponent - Barack Obama - and I thought about his wingmen, who do not step forward, but hide like weasels in the tall grass, unable to support their candidate because they themselves are poisonous, and they know it.

Obama's wingmen?

Jeremiah Wright - the Reverend of Hate
William Ayers - Domestic Terrorist
Rashid Khalidi - PLO spokesman, and all-around anti-Semite
The Mainstream Media - an organization whose protestations of neutrality are as laughable as a whore's claim to virginity
ACORN - the largest voter-fraud organization in American electoral history

Could there be a man less qualified?

And if we pick Obama over McCain, doesn't it say more about us than we really wish to admit?

Hat tip to Jim at the old Parkway Rest Stop...passing it on, as per your request...


Anonymous said...

It is both interesting and telling to me that no real people who are not Marxists, radicals and/or anti-semites, have come forward to say provide the kind of personal statements such as those provided by McCain's Wingmen. Where are the people he went to college with? People he worked with while in state government?

No, all we get it idiots staring into a camera telling us that they want "change" and that The One is the one to make it happen.

It's all very sad.

The JerseyNut said...

It is quite telling that no one has ever come forward to vouch for Obama's character, or for his accomplishments.

Perhaps because he has none of either?

knowitall said...

No one but Ayers, ironically after the election. I guess having terrorist associations is the left-wing illuminati's new strategy, because it worked.