Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here Comes The "Exit Poll" Nonsense....

From a blogger in the critical state of Virginia:

08:32 – AP doing exit polling in Stafford. Talking 4 to 1 to minorities over whites at a Republican precinct (Falmouth). Expect it to be skewed. Don’t trust the exit polls as they start to trickle out.

Watch for the early "O" call from the media, then the retraction and withdrawal...this can get very ugly tonight....

UPDATE: Is this ugly? I think lying usually is:

CNN’s chief political analyst just said, with a straight face, that exit polls have historically proven “pretty accurate.” Those are the same exit polls that in 2004 saw a 5 point Kerry victory, including a 10-point Kerry triumph in Virginia (which Bush won by 8) and a 19-point Kerry advantage in Pennsylvania (which Kerry won by 2).

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knowitall said...

I see Kerry has gotten looked over by the left-wing illuminati. Just goes to show he couldn't bring in the votes for them, so they don't need him in their cabinet.