Tuesday, November 18, 2008

In Praise of George W. Bush

I still think our much-maligned leader will go down in history as one of the better presidents - despite the catcalling of the media - and I'd like to take a moment to remind people of one simple fact:

We have won the war in Iraq.

We have won the war in Iraq, and we have done much to change the culture of jihad in the Middle East, because of the resoluteness of George W. Bush

Via 7.62MM Justice:

Of course, the Bush victory has not yet been recognised, which is very odd indeed because it has all happened in full view.

Until 9/11, Islamic militants, including violent jihadists of every sort, from al Qaeda to purely local outfits, enjoyed much public support-either overt or tacit-across most of the Muslim world. From Morocco to Indonesia, governments appeased militants at home while encouraging them to focus their violent activities abroad…

Yet one hears well-informed people casually remark that Bush’s war on terror has been a total failure…. But one need not be Sherlock Holmes to recall that 11th September was meant to be the beginning of a global jihad, with a 12th September, 13th September, 14th September and so on… Instead, the global jihadi mobilisation, triggered by post-9/11 enthusiasm for Osama bin Laden, was stopped before it could gain any momentum by all that Bush set in motion: the destruction of al Qaeda training bases in Afghanistan, the killing or capture of most of its operatives, and, most importantly, the conversion of Muslim governments from the support of jihad to its repression...

We will miss George W. Bush, when the Russian tanks are rolling, the Iranian missiles are flying, the jihadi's bombs are exploding, and the lines for gasoline are around the block....

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