Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obamanomics !

Social and economic progress via Cabinet-level positions inside of a Democratic-run government? And how many times has that been proven successful, exactly?

Uh huh. About as many times as a nation has taxed istelf into prosperity. Let the lunacy begin! Cue the calliope music please, and send in the dancing leprechuans, as Obama sayeth:

I’ve laid out an ambitious urban poverty plan that will help . . . create public-private business incubators to open up economic opportunity.

Confirmed on NPR:

Obama-Biden Transition Team co-chair Valerie Jarrett said on NPR that Barack Obama will move ahead with his plan to create an “Office of Urban Policy.”

Abe Greenwald responds:

Public-private business incubators? No thanks. We already know what that hatches. The coming Obama years sound more and more like a mad socioeconomic experiment with each passing day. Spread the wealth, bail everyone out, and incubate a state-citizen hybrid. The funny thing about “Yes we can” is that Obama doesn’t seem to think Americans can do much of anything - at least not without his help.

That's right! We are all worthless and weak, unable to do anything for ourselves. We need the government to do it for us, just like they do in the bustling, dynamic continent of Europe! If only the government did a better job of handling our own individual responsibilites, why, Obama's illegal Auntie would never have been found living in a filthy Boston slum!

Incidentally, has anyone noticed that Obama and his cadres preach the exact opposite of what was once considered the American ideal - that of freedom from government intrusion (freedoms which Obama refers to as "negative liberties") individualism, enterprenurialism, and the right to find one's own personal "pursuit of happiness?"

What will Obama turn us - the most successful nation in the history of the world -into?

Change of fools....

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