Thursday, November 20, 2008

Barack's Appointees - What A Sorry Lot!

Barack Obama, having no inner circle of his own from which to draw, is choosing Clinton-era bureucrats and weaked-kneed public officials to fill important posts in his cabinet 'o fools. Let's take a look at our new director of Homeland Security, Governor Janet Naplitano of Arizona. Why is she spectacularly unqualified for the postion? Well, gee:

....yes, she was for using National Guard in support roles on the border and declared a bogus "state of emergency" on the border in 2005 mainly for the news coverage, but she's also against fencing on the border, vetoed a slew of bills intended to bring about attrition of the illegal population, including one that would have made illegal immigration a violation of the state's trespassing law, and only signed Arizona's tough employer-sanctions law because she feared voters would pass an even tougher one by referendum if she didn't.

I guess she is as qualified as Obama is, which says a lot. One would have hoped that he would have surrounded himself with some more seasoned, centric hands, but even when he tries that approach, we still wind up with a clown....

Meet Eric Holder, former Clinton administration hack (and child abuser) and future Attorney General who, as U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C, tired to bring the heavy artillery of the drug wars against the feared and dreaded marijuana users:

Eric Holder yesterday said he will seek to make marijuana distribution in the District a felony and reinstate mandatory-minimum sentences for convicted drug dealers. Mr. Holder,...said the D.C. Council's vote a year ago to repeal mandatory minimums was "misguided," leading to a backlog in the court system. He also warned that the city is on the verge of an explosion in violence associated with the sale and use of marijuana...

An "explosion of violence" related to marijuana? Really?
Actually, the marijuana trade has very little violence, since it is so easily grown and produced, and its users are notoriously...relaxed? Happy? Silly? Hungry?
But violent stoners? Isn't that an oxymoron?

I can't wait to see that brilliant intellect applied to our national legal priorities....and it seems as if Governor Janet has some problems of her own as well....

So far, Baracky, I am unimpressed. A sorry bunch of has-beens and never will be's (and that's not even accounting for Tom Daschle, who will try to fulfill his dream of socialized medicine as HHS head), with not a sign of "change" in the bunch.

Nice slogan. But like everything else you said and did, Baracky, there is precious little substance behind it.

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Anonymous said...

"Baracky's" appointments are directly related to his lack of time and experience in government. Basically, he doesn't know anyone other than these former Clintonistas. It's not like he was a Governor surrounded by his own people that he could bring with him. IMO this all means he's not going to have many people truly loyal to him that he can control. That will lead to a lot of scandals in this administration.