Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thomas Friedman: Average American's Intelligence Is That Of An 11 Year-Old

Yeah, they all sound like elitists when they preach about global warming, but Friedman is the worst. Infuriated that the government's attempts to create a command-and-control economy via the fictional threat of climate change are failing, he demands a report be written to explain to us heathens how wrong we are. Using all types of comprimised data, of course, and using words small enough for the average American to understand:

Although there remains a mountain of research from multiple institutions about the reality of climate change, the public has grown uneasy. What’s real? In my view, the climate-science community should convene its top experts — from places like NASA, America’s national laboratories, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, the California Institute of Technology and the U.K. Met Office Hadley Centre — and produce a simple 50-page report. They could call it “What We Know,” summarizing everything we already know about climate change in language that a sixth grader could understand, with unimpeachable peer-reviewed footnotes.

That's because Friedman thinks that anyone who actually studies the faulty data, reads foreign newspapers to get a sense of the scope of the climate scam (including the peer-review scandal), and who actually believes that science is an ongoing process are idiots. The truly enlightened know that once some person with a PHD before their name gives credence to one of their fantasy sequences, it thus becomes an unimpeachable fact. C'mon, everyone in his echo chamber knows that!

Well, for those of us with a 6th grader intelligence who can't read fancy articles in the New York Times and think Friedman sounds a bit holier-than-thou, well, check out Friedman's less-than-energy efficient house :

(larger photo here)

Nice. Funny, I don't see any hybrids parked out front. Nice swimming pool, though. Huge. Must use a ton of electricity to keep that thing heated. After all, I'm not seeing any solar panels anywhere, unless you got a windmilll in the woods or something. And hey - are those cabanas next to your pool? Guess this way nobody has to walk to your house to use one of your 19 bathrooms...

One question though, Mr. Friedman...if saving the environment is really that important, why don't you, you know...downsize a bit? I understand the maids and servants need quarters, but unless you have a dozen kids and three wives, did you really need to clear out so much forest to build yourself an energy-sucking palatial estate?

Questions only a 6th-grader would ask, I suppose..the truly enlightened know the intellectual elite must live in conditions far above ours, in order to make sure we live in conditions far below ours...all for our own good, of course...

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