Monday, February 01, 2010

Bees Hear "Climate Change" is Bullspit; Return To Hives...

Remember a year or two ago, when honeybees were disappearing by the millions, and we were told that "colony collapse syndrome" was a direct effect of global warming?

Hmmm...seems like the bees are smarter than your average liberal, and are coming back home after being scared off by the likes of Al Gore:

A new survey of beekeepers reveals that the number of operations reporting symptoms of colony collapse disorder, or CCD, decreased to 26 percent last winter compared to 38 percent during the previous season.
Actual fatalities due to CCD were reported at 36 percent, down from 60 percent three winters ago.
The first reports of CCD emerged in 2004, and scientists say they still don’t know exactly what has caused it.

So why was everyone screaming that this was caused by "global warming"? When in doubt, go with mass hysteria...ain't science grand?

Earthweek, much to its dismay, is reporting a lot of weather anomalies that don't fit in with the "warming" pattern. Like this one:

A bitter two-week chill blowing across Florida at the beginning of the year killed more than 100 endangered manatees in the state’s coastal waters and bays, according to officials.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission told reporters that even more carcasses are still being found.
The gentle marine mammals had congregated in canals and around discharge pipes of coastal power plants in an attempt to keep warm.

So if it wasn't for some industrial waste, even more endangered manatees could have been killed by "global cooling"? Quick, someone start burning some coal, stat!

But Earthweek did find one group of people that could be harmed by global warming...Chilean grape-growers. Seriously:

A leading economic consulting firm says that some of Chile’s leading wine producers may have to move their vineyards farther south as climate change makes their current locations too dry and warm.
A PricewaterhouseCoopers study warns that ideal climatic conditions needed for grape growing will shift to higher Chilean latitudes due to a 30 percent reduction in rainfall and an expected temperature rise of 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit in established production areas....

So I guess we should destroy the economies of the industrialized West so that Chilean wineries don't have to move a few hundred miles south...let's see if Obama puts that in his next speech about why we need cap and trade....

Seems like the only true believers left in The Church of Global Warming are hardcore liberals and elected Democrats. Even after the man behind the curtain has been revealed, they still insist at worshipping at the alter of the great and powerful Oz. Belief, once upturned, can leave a man (or woman) more than a bit psychologically unbalanced...


Duncan said...

Not for nothing, but colony collapse disorder wasn't really ever blamed on global warming that I saw.

The link you provided doesn't support your thesis either; global warming is the 3rd thing mentioned, and only as possibly aggravating the spread of whatever pathogens were causing colony collapse.

Still, it's good to hear the bees are recovering. Also good that the global warming alarmists have failed to convince world governments to be even dumber than usual.

The JerseyNut said...

Fair points. For some reason I seem to remember hearing a lot more relating bee colony collapse to "global warming" than I could find when I searched it. But heresay isn't linkable...

And you're right, it is a good thing that the bees are coming back. It's an odd story to even post on my blog, but I do have a big purple bush outside my home I call the "bee tree", as all summer it is usually awash in mild-mannered honeybees, and a constant humming sound can be heard eminating from it all summer.

But over the last two years the amount of bees hanging around this bush has decreased by 2/3rd or more; so at least I can persoanlly attest to the phenomenon being real.

Here's hoping they return this year! And without me having to trade my Jeep in for a Prius...

Anonymous said...

I have to agree also about the reality of the bees disappearance. My yard used to be FULL of honey bees. I haven't seen a single one (with the exception of the bee exhibit in the insect museum) in the past two years.

I also thought I heard "climate change" being blamed for it as well. But then, for a while there, climate change was blamed for EVERYTHING that couldn't be blamed on Bush, Karl Rove or Glenn Beck.