Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hillary Clinton Needs Your Money!

Would things have been any different today if Hillary had taken the nomination, and the presidency, in 2008?

Exhibit A:

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared before Congress to rail against the size of the federal deficit and urge that overall spending be cut

In the next breath, she defended her request for an increase of $4.9 billion, nearly 10 percent, in her budget, and plans for a glitzy new embassy in London.

So instead of cutting her budget, or even holding the line year-to-year while the nation is locked into a crippling recession, she needs a raise. Of $5 billion. Because it's absolutely necessary. For her. To maintain her kowtowing obsequiousness to the world's tyrants.

Well, where do we cut $5 billion in order to meet Hillary's needs while still trying to maintain a deficit of only $1.5 trillion of so? Well, I am sure we can cut the $5 billion out of some other federal departments...what? They all need their funding too? And they're lining up to ask for budget increases, to help offset the cost of all of their expanded jurisdictions over the American people?

Wow, what a pickle! Where's the additional money going to come from to pay for all of these increases? What's that, Hillary "deficit hawk" Clinton? Not from you? Maybe from the EPA, or the Department of Transportation
($70 billion/yr!) , or from some czar's Can't be done?

Well, don't ask me...I'm too busy burying my money in mason jars, in scattered secret locales around New Jersey...

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Publius said...

You better be buying gold man. You'd better be buying gold...........

and X marks the spot!