Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Jersey Sheriff Threatens Professor in Classroom

Yeah, electing Chris Christie was a good step, but we've got a long way to go before we eliminate the grassroot tyranny that infects New Jersey like a weed, from crooked inspectors to paid-off politicos to...sheriffs who feel the First Amendment does not apply in New Jersey if you're talking about them:

Some students at Mercer County Community College, in central New Jersey, watched the political become personal recently when the local sheriff entered a classroom to confront a professor who had mentioned him in an unfavorable light.

The incident occurred on February 1, as Michael Glass, an assistant professor of political science, was lecturing students in a course on state and local politics about New Jersey's budget gap...

Sheriff Larkin came up in the class as an example of public employees who engaged in "double dipping," by collecting a pension at the same time he received a salary. When a student remarked that he would not know how to spend the more than $200,000 Mr. Larkin was earning annually through salary and pension payments, Mr. Glass allegedly said Mr. Larkin needed much of the money to cover alimony and child support.

A student who is employed at the county clerk's office promptly sent the sheriff a text message about the comment, and Mr. Larkin soon came to the classroom himself and summoned Mr. Glass out into the hallway for a few minutes. Mr. Glass then returned to the room, introduced the sheriff, and apologized for making disparaging remarks about him.

The student newspaper quoted Mr. Glass as saying...he had felt intimidated.

Exactly what the Sheriff intended. He's a big man with a gun, with union seniority, political pull, and a $200,000 salary. Therefore, the First Amendment of the Constitution is subject to his whims, and if someone speaks poorly (albeit truthfully) of him, he has every right to show up, with his gun and his badge, and force an apology under the full force of what constitutes the law in New Jersey.

Such small tyrants are bred in liberal societies all the time. Some call them bureaucrats, some call them czars, others call them Congressman. But since they are appointed by a governing philosophy that says the people do not know any better and must be herded by their betters, be they in government or uniform, it is no surprise that they are omnipresent in every "blue state", as well as in every left-wing governed country across the world.

Let's hope the change in philosophy at the top can help keep petty thugs like Sheriff Larkin in check. Of course, if Larkin had a sense of decency and shame, he would resign, having broken his professional oath and some of the very basic principles of democratic society. But Sheriff Scumbag is making too much money as a double-dipping, taxpayer-draining leach on New Jersey society, and I am sure that his personal enrichment is the only value he holds dear.

What do you say, Sheriff?

A spokesman for the sheriff's office declined to comment on Monday.



Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. Sheriff Joe catches a lot of heat down here in AZ, and I've never heard of him pulling a stunt like that.

Then again, in Arizona, we're allowed to own anything up to an actual fully automatic weapon (and there is a permit process for that, for both owners and restorationists) and it's relatively easy to obtain a concealed carry license. It's the sad fact of life that bullies need the threat of violence, even in self-defense, to restrain themselves.

Conservative Libertine said...

That's the way it works. Violence and intimidation come from the left. Even though they cry crocodile tears and sniffle in fear when they talk about Tea Party citizens.