Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sarah Palin's Act of Rebellion

Why do I have a special place in my heart for Serendipitous Sarah? Check out this photo of her from her speech last night at the Tea Party convention:

I'm not too hot with the photo software, so I'll let this bit from the WaPo explain what made me swoon:

In her lapel, a small pin with two flags -- for Israel and the United States.

At a time in the world where anti-Semitism has brazenly returned to heights not seen since the 1930's, where an American president routinely equalizes Israel's actions of self-defense with the nonstop offensives launched by her enemies, and where the United Nations - emboldened by Barack Obama - goes further and further in its attempt to de-legitimize and destroy the Jewish homeland, Palin's simple act of support for Israel is a rebel stand.

It's a poke in the eye of the Left, whose feckless fear of a fight leads them to demand that Israel roll over and die so that they might not have to witness the bloodshed of a nation trying to survive, and so that they might not be need forced to take a moral stand that would concede that some things - including one's life - are worth fighting for. It's also a slap in the face to Barack Obama- while he declares "daylight" must be forced between the United States and Israel, Sarah intertwines our fates together, and wears it on her lapel.

She's right, as usual. If Israel falls, it will not be the end of a war, but merely the beginning of a radical Islamist uprising that will engulf the world in a maelstrom. Who could believe that the mullahs of Iran and the foul Orcs of Hamas and Hezbollah would stop their aggression against the West once they have won such a magnificent victory, and are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons? Well, besides Barack Obama, the New York Times editorial staff, and most of the elected Democrats in Congress?

Sarah's pin creates another type of daylight, one that shines a bright light on the contrast between herself and the president: One is willing to take a stand for what is right and good, and realizes that there may be a price for such moral clarity, while the other will do anything to avoid passing such a judgement, even with the risk that the evil he leaves unchecked will eventually come to devour him and all he is sworn to protect.

Which of these two carries the banner of American morality? Check the lapels...

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