Monday, February 15, 2010

Smells Like Political Desperation... else can you justify Vice President Biden - who has spent the last 39 years of his life in Washington, DC - criticizing the accounting of private-sector multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg?

Both Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Kelly put the estimate at $200 million a year for five years, saying it would be an expensive proposition for the City.

Biden, however, disputes the numbers.

"The mayor came along and said the cost for providing security to hold this trial is x-hundreds of millions of dollars which I think is much more than would be needed," Biden said.

City officials are irked at Biden's assertion.

"I will leave the security of New York City up to the mayor and police commissioner. I think Joe Biden should have talked to City officials. No city should have to put up with the burden and risk of the trial so the administration can have a terroristic pony show," said City Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr. (D-Queens).

Yeah, that's a Democrat snapping back at Little Joe, belittling his own party's #2 man for his all-to-obvious incompetence. When the back-benchers feel safe enough to throw tomatoes at the King's Men from the bleachers, you know that a complete breakdown of political authority is right around the corner.

Seems like even the president realizes his #2 is no more than...a pile of #2:

As for the mayor, sources point out that the federal officials never questioned his cost estimates. In fact, the president put $200 million in the budget to pay for the first year's costs.

Is it a wonder no one takes these guys seriously anymore?


Jamesj said...

A farce from start to finish. The administration promises a fair criminal trial, guarantees a guilty verdict and vows that regardless of the results the "defendants" will be imprisoned for life. This "Broadway" show won't make money nor earn respect, cudos or rave reviews but will cost hundreds of millions of tax dollars while providing terrorists a stage to proclaim Jihad, decry America, western civilization, Jews and Christians. The memory of the souls of the three thousand slaughtered at Ground Zero deserve better.

Anonymous said...

Well said...but the actual quote was a "terrorist and pony show," not terroristic.