Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Kennedy Rises To Save Us From Ourselves!

With the death of Teddy, and the pending retirement of Patrick, one would have believed that the Kennedy Dynasty had finally outlives it's usefulness, and expired (not before time).

But lo! While we thought Patrick was The Last Scion, it turns out there yet another heir to the throne, one who is currently considering a run for office in Massachusetts:

Joseph P. Kennedy III, one of the twin sons of former Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II, may run this fall if Democratic Rep. William Delahunt decides against seeking re-election in his South Shore and Cape Cod district.

Kennedy, 29, "has been considering it but he hasn't made a decision," said the Democrat, who demanded anonymity to speak about private conversations with the father and son.

The younger Kennedy did not immediately respond to a request for comment. He is a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School who works as a prosecutor in Barnstable County, near his family's Cape Cod compound.
[photo here]

So Joe III, with all of the life experience that 29 years in an rich kid's bubble brings you, thinks by virtue of his name he can commandeer a seat in a district where Scott Brown whomped Martha Coakley by a surprisingly large margin. In a year where backlash against the establishment may be at an historic high, Little Joe thinks he can win by...invoking the name synonymous with the establishment.

Great. Go for it, kid. If you're not smart enough to realize you'll be waling into a buzz saw in November, then you're certainly not smart enough to represent anybody as their Congressman. Better for all that you be rid of that notion sooner rather than later...

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Publius said...

No more Kennedy's, no more Clinton's, and no more Bush's. Please!