Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Barbara Boxer, As In Dumber Than A Box Of...

This video below, taken today at the Obama/Democratic Caucus lovefest, has to be seen to be believed. Senator "don't call me ma'am" Boxer is seen to ask the president whether he can, by authoritative fiat, order banks to loan to small businesses. And if not, she wonders...can we?

Snark and Boobs, who invokes John Galt. And so will I. Galt's most important line in Atlas Shrugged is spoken to a TV audience who has just spent an unknown amount of time listening to how the government was coming up with a plan (allegedly in co-operation with Galt) that would solve all of their financial and social problems. When it is Galt's turn to speak (with a gun stuck in his ribs), he says simply and firmly:

"Get out of my way!"

And this is what the American public, and all small businesses, need right now. Not more government involvement, but less. Not higher taxes and fees, but lower, much lower, and no offers of "trade-offs" in the form of $5000 tax credits to add employees - which, incidentally, is an idea only a bureaucrat who has never operated a business or met a payroll could propose with a straight face. See Boxer, Barbara or Obama, Barack Hussein as examples.

Businesses do not hire based on a one-time savings of $5K, they hire based on expectations of future market conditions and government regulations. When markets are in upheaval, and the government is grabbing cash from its prospective customers as well as from its own coffers while proposing thousands of regulatory burdens, what businessman in his right mind would add salaries?

Well, if Boxer and Obama believe they can force banks to lend, maybe they can force businesses to hire as well. It wouldn't be democracy, it wouldn't be capitalism, but since when has the Senator and the Emperor cared much about either?

Incidentally, Ayn Rand, prophetic as always, predicted Barbara Boxer's intent in Atlas Shrugged, and made it the primary motive in the "strike" of two of the book's key characters, Midas Mulligan and Judge Narragansett. Read the analogy here...

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Jim - PRS said...

I can see why you left the last word in the title blank. I cannot think of one that describes the depths of the woman's dumbshittery.