Thursday, February 25, 2010

Health Care Summit: Not TOO Much Media Bias

Note the spin:

Obama rebuffs McCain attack at summit: 'The election is over.'

An attack? Really? Note the choice of words from Yahoo's "news" blog:

Taking his turn to speak at this morning's historic bipartisan summit on health care reform, Sen. John McCain launched into a spirited attack on President Obama and the Democrats in Congress. He cited "unsavory" deals made by Democratic leadership in the Senate, argued that Obama had broken his promise to have previous health care negotiations live on C-Span and called on President Obama to "start over."

So during a "historic bi-partisan summit", McCain "launched an attack on the president". No judgement here, just straight-ahead reporting, right?

Seems as if McCain made some valid points (was the "Cornhusker Compromise",the" Louisiana Purchase", and the union-members-only tax cuts "savory"? I guess Obama believes they are...). But like most spoiled brats,
Obama doesn't take well to criticism.

Let's look once more at Obama's nasty reply to McCain's statement:

"The election is over"

And with a sneer, he leaves the rest of the sentence in his heart unsaid but clear as if spoken:
"And I won".

James Taranto thinks the president is going to take his ball and go home. I fervently hope so...

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