Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama's "Debt Panel" To Be Controlled By Unions

As part of today's meme that "talking about governing is preferable to actual governing", we bring up Barack Obama's bipartisan "debt" (death?) panel, which is supposed to come up with "suggestions" on where we should cut spending (or on whom we should increase taxes) in order to decrease the national debt. Now, you might say this is the president's responsibility, or that the administration - along with Congress - can simply cut the deficit themselves, as they control the checkbook, but then you would be missing the whole point of the "talking about it is better than doing something about it" theme...

And really, isn't this just another exercise in theatrics; in that by accepting and implementing the panel's proposals (TAX HIKES!), Obama can claim they came not from him, but were established as sound policy by an elite bi-partisan panel ! Hmmm...maybe he should re-title it the "Cover My Ass Commission"?

Anyway - so who is Obama appointing to this panel? Greg Pollowitz gives us
a peek behind the curtain:

President Barack Obama’s four appointments to the bipartisan debt panel he established last week include the head of manufacturing giant Honeywell and a former top-ranking Federal Reserve official. Obama on Friday named David Cote, chief executive officer at Honeywell International, and former Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Alice Rivlin to the panel. He also appointed Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, and Ann Fudge, the former chief executive officer of Young & Rubicam Brands.
(. . . What a joke. — Greg P.)

Rivlin is a holdover from the Lyndon Johnson administration (change!), Fudge is a washed-up advertising executive (but may help Obama sell this steaming pile of sh*t), and Stern....well, Stern spent $60 million to get Obama elected, and I guess he's entitled to something. But I don't know if that "something" is having a say over how much of my earning are confiscated by the federal government in order to be redistributed to his union thugs. And I tend to think many folks, of various political stripes, would agree...

I'm not sure how well the image of a union boss determining who gets taxed and who gets paid will play well for Barack Obama. But based on the unprecedented tone-deafness this man has applied to what little governing he has done, nothing would surprise me

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