Sunday, February 21, 2010

Black Republican Takes on Charlie Rangel

In Arkansas, we have Princella Smith attempting to be the first black Republican elected to Congress from the 1st District. In New York, we're seeing something even bolder; as a black Republican takes on the Throne itself, by challenging Crooked Charlie Rangel in New York's 15th Congressional District.

The Rev. Michel Faulkner explains in today's New York Post -
Why I'm challenging Charlie Rangel:

The system in Washington, DC, is broken at a time of enormous challenges and we need real-life solutions. Solutions that are based on the community’s input and welfare, not a federal government takeover...

My opponent is 40-year incumbent, Charles Rangel. Unfortunately Mr. Rangel has come to epitomize what is wrong with Washington today. His gross underpayment of federal income taxes while chairing the House Ways and Means Committee shows the hypocrisy of our Congress. Furthermore, his occupation of four rent-stabilized apartments (while so many in our community are in desperate need of affordable housing), demonstrates his disconnect from our needs and struggles. It could not be clearer that the people of this city deserve a new direction and need new leadership.

My priorities are this: We need to bring government spending under control. Those who control the purse-strings in DC have irresponsibly spent our nation into near bankruptcy and mortgaged our futures.

...we must recognize that nearly 80% of all jobs in America today are created by small businesses, and for that reason we need to reduce the red-tape and tax burden on these critical economic engines. I also intend to promote programs that use microfinance initiatives to support a path to economic self-reliance, to expand economic opportunities for individuals and to foster community economic development.

...I support the expansion of Charter Schools, which generally have outperformed public schools and stimulate a level of parental involvement unseen in the traditional public school environment.

Turning to our nation’s healthcare, I will promote and support achievable, community-based, preventive health and wellness initiatives; and, I will oppose the myopic view that a government takeover is the only form healthcare reform can take.

Godspeed, Reverend. The challenge in selling a conservative manifesto to the urbanites of Harlem is daunting, especially when their corrupt Congressman has done everything he could - with other folk's money - to make sure his constituents stay bought. But other people's money is running out, local businesses are closing, public schools are failing, and jobs are nonexistent. How many more times can Crooked Charlie deliver a "jobs training program" (named after himself, of course), but fail to deliver any

If there was ever a time for the folks of CD-15 to shrug off the liberal policies that have kept them in a cycle of poverty for generations, it is now. And there is likely no better messenger than Rev. Faulkner, a pastor and spiritual leader who is well-known in the community.

May he be a modern-day Moses, emancipating his people from the bigotry of low expectations, the worship of "victim status", and the ideological slavery to liberalism - a plantation of despair from which black Americans must escape if they are ever to be truly free...

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